Participating Faculty Task Force – Summary of Work

To better understand the experience of Marquette’s full- and part-time participating (non-tenure track) faculty, in June 2019, then Acting Provost Kimo Ah Yun convened a Task Force to study the participating faculty experience and make recommendations to improve that experience based on their findings. The Task Force was comprised of more than 20 individuals and included both tenured and participating faculty members, leaders from each of Marquette’s colleges and schools (as well as the Raynor Libraries), and members from various university offices including the Office of Institutional Research and Analysis, Office of Marketing and Communication, Office of the General Counsel and Human Resources.

Qualitative and quantitative data were collected through a variety of methods, including: listening lunches with participating faculty; an anonymous online questionnaire; analysis of policies and procedures associated with the participating faculty experience across all of Marquette’s colleges and schools (everything from hiring, onboarding and supervision to compensation, benefits and professional development to recognition, reappointment and promotions); data from 18 peer universities; and the College and University Professional Association for Human Resources’ Faculty Salary Survey.

Based on the information they were able to collect and review, the Task Force made recommendations for improving the participating faculty experience at Marquette, which were categorized into the following five themes: (1) Contract Terms, (2) Compensation and Total Rewards, (3) Performance Evaluation and Promotion, (4) Professional Development, and (5) Recognition and Inclusion.

Task Force members believe that some of the recommendations can be acted upon relatively quickly, while others will take further study. Likewise, some recommendations can be implemented at relatively little financial cost, whereas others will take some additional time, study and financial resources to implement.

Recent Progress

The task force will continue its work by partnering with the Provost’s Office to finalize specific recommendations related to the above and operationalize them as quickly, yet thoughtfully, as possible.