Welcome to OIE. This page provides information, forms and procedures you will need to be successful and in compliance during your time here at Marquette.

You are welcome to contact us if you have a question. Some questions can be easily answered by our front desk staff, while others may require an appointment with your adviser. Call 414-288-7289 with questions or to schedule an appointment.

Forms and Procedures

Visit our Forms, Procedures and Policies page to browse the many forms and resources that you might need.

Official Communications

Your DSOs will help you understand and keep your F-1 status by sending important information to you.

(1) You are responsible to know the information that a DSO sends to you at the United States postal mail (residence) address that is listed for you in SEVIS.

(2) You are responsible to know the information that a DSO sends to you at your Marquette University e-mail address. You are required to activate your Marquette e-mail account and check it regularly.

(3) You are responsible to know the printed information that a DSO provides for you such as the contents of the booklet, Maintaining Your F-1 Student Status. An updated copy is available at the beginning of each semester on this page.

Get Involved

OIE is home to many of Marquette's international students. Current students can get involved with OIE and international events on campus in a number of ways. Visit our Get Involved page to learn more.

Campus Resources

Marquette University offers a variety of support systems to students, and a few of these key resources are listed below.