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Marquette University currently has partnerships and faculty doing research in dozens of countries around the world. The Office of International Education facilitates all of these partnerships, and provides resources to faculty and students researching, attending professional conferences, and traveling abroad.

The information and blue buttons below provide additional information related to University policies for faculty and staff regarding traveling abroad under the auspices of Marquette University, as well as establishing short-term study abroad programs. The links at the bottom of the page include a database containing a full listing of all Marquette's current international partnerships and faculty research projects, a list of MU international partnerships, and various resources for faculty.

OIE also receives support and guidance from the Global Engagement Committee made up of faculty representatives from each of Marquette's colleges.

Faculty and staff traveling internationally

Short-term international program development

Policy on Marquette Sponsored International Travel

University Policy and Procedures (UPP) 1-18 is intended to centralize and define the approval process, required documentation and pre-program planning requirements for Marquette University employees and students participating in international travel under the auspices of Marquette University.

For employees, this pertains to official business abroad (conference, research, etc.), any travel that has funding through Marquette University, and coordinating or leading students in international credit-bearing or non-credit programs.

For students, this pertains to studying, interning, co-ops, conducting research, and other academic activities abroad for which academic credit will be received. This also includes international non-credit volunteer, service projects, academic conference attendance, and student organization travel under the auspices of Marquette University. For full details on education abroad policies, see the university bulletin.
Please refer to the University Policies and Procedures website to read the complete UPP 1-18: Policy on Marquette University Sponsored International Travel

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