Academic Integrity and Student Code of Conduct

Marquette University and its entire community – Faculty, Staff and Students – are expected to adhere to standards of Academic Excellence, Integrity and Conduct – personally and professionally.  We work together to hold each other accountable for our actions amongst and between each other to create and maintain a learning community where everyone feels safe, engaged, challenged and appreciated.

As students you are expected to maintain the highest standards of professional integrity and performance as well as comport yourself with behavior that is reflective of being a member of the Marquette University community.  Therefore, all new students (undergraduate and graduate) are expected to:

  1. Complete an Academic Integrity Tutorial (there are separate tutorials for graduate and undergraduate students)
  2. Be familiar with and adhere to both the graduate student code of conduct and Marquette University’s student code of conduct
  3. Students who are members of a professional program are expected to be familiar with conduct expectations of that specific profession.

In order to register at your assigned appointment time, ALL first semester students must complete the Academic Integrity tutorial before noon on October 1 for fall admission OR before noon on March 1 for spring admission

The Academic Integrity tutorial is completed through D2L.  Detailed instruction to complete the tutorial can be found at the Academic Integrity website.

If you have additional program specific questions regarding Academic Integrity or the Student Code of Conduct, please contact your college office or the Office of Student Development or the Office of Academic Integrity.

Graduate School of Management
Phone: (414) 288-7145
Text or after hours: (414) 315 – 4GSM

Graduate School
Phone: (414) 288-7137

College of Nursing
Phone: (414) 288- 3800

Office of Student Development
Phone: (414) 288-7205 or (4140 288-1412

Office of Academic Integrity
Phone: (414) 288-0262