Characteristics of excellent sponsored projects

ORSP values

Advocacy and Collaboration: We are knowledgeable about Marquette and committed to our customers: faculty, administrators, sponsors, and partner institutions. We readily collaborate with other offices on campus to advance Marquette's mission. We value and facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration and collaboration with external partners.

Direct, Open, and Honest Communication: We provide our customers with the most accurate and up-to-date information possible concerning all aspects of sponsored research from pre- through post-award. We work with faculty and administrators to build relationships of trust, respect, and support.

Faculty and Other Members of the Marquette Community: Our work helps faculty and administrators promote their professional development and advance their scholarly, educational, and service goals.

Fiscal Responsibility: We operate our office in a fiscally responsible manner. We promote fiscal responsibility in the projects with which we work.

Learning and Professional Development: We pursue training and professional development opportunities to ensure that we are knowledgeable, up-to-date, and effective. We learn from one another, we learn from others, and we learn by doing.

Professionalism and Integrity: The process by which we achieve results is as important as the results that we achieve. We treat one another and our customers with respect.

Teaching and Coaching: We help others understand the materials, policies, and practices that underwrite excellence in their sponsored projects. We model best practices for others. We are patient and we listen. We help faculty become knowledgeable grant-seekers, applicants, and project managers.

Teamwork: Every project requires the care and attention of several of us. We work together to meet the needs of our customers.

How we express these values through service






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