Five Step Recovery Plan

A personalized, on-campus academic and co-curricular experience is foundational to the transformative Catholic, Jesuit education to which Marquette has been dedicated for 140 years. The best way for us to provide a distinctive experience for our students is together, in community.

The COVID-19 Response Team has developed a five-step Recovery Plan for a phased approach for reopening the Marquette University campus:

  • Step One: Creation of the reopening plan focusing on the core attributes of safety, flexibility, communication, proactivity, consideration for personal and departmental needs and gathering input from key stakeholders.
  • Step Two: Establishing the processes and resources necessary to plan for resumption of limited  campus operations. This step is contingent on Wisconsin’s guidelines for safe reopening of businesses, university confidence that the number of incidents of infection remain low, a monitoring system capable of detecting incidents of infection on campus, disinfection of university offices and spaces, and adequate PPE for returning faculty and staff.
  • Step Three: Returning the campus facilities to a condition that allows for limited employees to be on campus for reduced operations, with a focus on physical distancing practices, de-densification, and the complete cleaning and disinfection of campus buildings to facilitate a safe return to campus for faculty and staff. 
  • Step Four: Upon successful completion of Steps 2 and 3, this step will include continued communication and direction to faculty and staff for preparation and implementation. Campus would be fully operational and plans would be in place for the acceptance of students for the spring semester, in alignment with government and medical guidelines. This is our current phase.
  • Step Five: Implementing this step means that all other steps have been completed. All employees would return to campus to Marquette’s new normal.