IRB Meeting Dates and Roster

Meeting Dates

Most protocols do not require review at an IRB meeting; exempt and expedited protocols are reviewed on a rolling basis. Only those protocols that are higher risk or require full review need to be submitted for review at an IRB meeting. Please review the FAQ page under "What type of submission will my study require?" on the FAQ page for more information about determining the level of review for your protocol.

IMPORTANT: Contact Jessica Rice at (414) 288-6298 or as soon as possible if you plan to submit a new protocol that requires review at a convened IRB meeting. Final due dates for submission are listed below, however, it is strongly recommended that researchers consult with the ORC prior to that date. Review for a specific meeting date is not guaranteed.

All meeting dates are tentative and subject to cancellation. Meetings may be canceled in the summer months if there are no studies to review, so please notify the IRB staff as soon as possible if you think you will be submitting a study for full board review during the summer.

2020 Meeting Schedule

November 18, 2021 DUE: October 15, 2021
December 16, 2021 DUE: November 18, 2021
January 20,2022 DUE: December 16, 2021
February 17, 2022 DUE: January 20, 2022
March 24, 2022 DUE: February 17, 2022
April 21, 2022 DUE: March 24, 2022

IRB Committee Roster

Dr. Andrew Starsky
Physical Therapy
IRB Chair

Dr. Alyson Gerdes
IRB Vice Chair

Dr. Christopher Okunseri
School of Dentistry

Dr. Kathleen Clark
Educational Policy and Leadership

Ms. Felis Parris
Educational Opportunity Program

Ms. Kathy Scott
Non-Affiliated Member

Dr. Kristina Dreifuerst
College of Nursing

Dr. Daradirek (Gee) Ekachai

Dr. Andrew (A.J.) Grove
Marquette University Medical Clinic

 Dr. Richard S. Jones **
Social and Cultural Sciences

**  Dr. Jones is a prisoner representative. He will only count toward a quorum when he is in attendance and reviewing studies covered by Subpart C.