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IRB-010 Authority Jurisdiction

IRB-020 Definitions

IRB-030 Not Human Subjects Determinations

IRB-040 Membership

IRB-050 IRB Meetings

IRB-060 Records Retention and Documentation of Findings

IRB-070 Human Subjects Training and Education

IRB-100 Approval Criteria

IRB-110 IRB Agreement Reliance Deferral

IRB-120 Review of Grant Applications

IRB-130 Exempt Determination and Limited IRB Review

IRB-140 Expedited Review

IRB-150 Convened IRB Review

IRB-200 Informed Consent and Assent

IRB-210 Informed Consent Waivers

IRB-220 Broad Consent

IRB-230 Posting of Clinical Trial Consent Forms

IRB-300 Continuing Reviews and Study Closeouts

IRB-400 Minor Modifications

IRB-410 Greater Than Minor Modifications

IRB-420 Modifications to Exempt Protocols

IRB-500 Human Subject Populations

IRB-510 MU Students and Employees as Subjects

IRB-600 Reporting of Non-Compliance and Unanticipated Problems

IRB-610 Audits and Protocol Monitoring

IRB-700 Equipment and Electrical Safety Testing

See Useful Links for:

  • MU IRB guidance on Deidentifying Study Data, Use of Online Surveys for Data Collection, Genetic Testing in Research, Electrical Equipment Safety Testing, and Students Conducting Class Projects

  • External sites on Federal Common Rule, FDA regulations, FERPA, HIPAA, Wisconsin Department of Corrections - The Research Review Committee (RRC), and Milwaukee Public Schools- research review

  • MU sites on FERPA, HIPAA, MU Qualtrics, Online Survey review group, Survey research using Marquette students