Student Resources for External Funding

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) primarily works with faculty and staff in seeking, securing and administering external grant funding. It is recognized that there are funding opportunities for students that are required to be administered by the university (e.g., National Institutes of Health NRSA, National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program, American Heart Association, etc.) or grant opportunities that would be in the student’s best interest to be established in a university grant account (e.g., when other students will be hired, when participant incentives need to be paid, etc.). To this end, ORSP will only work with students in these particular cases and ORSP reserves the right to make the determination as to whether or not ORSP should be involved in the application/award process. 

In all cases where funds will be coming to the Marquette University, ORSP must be involved in both the application and award process. 


Applications for funding opportunities coming to the university (either mandated by the sponsor or elected by the student) must be entered into Marquette University’s grants management system, Kuali, and go through the standard routing process prior to submission to a sponsor. ORSP will work with the student and a designated mentor to make sure that the proposals are compliant with any regulations and policies, and that Marquette can uphold any commitments made. All university policies and processes apply to these applications/awards, including the charging of indirect costs.

At the time of application, ORSP will work with the student and their mentor to prepare the application and enter it into Kuali. The mentor will be a Marquette employee, typically a faculty member, who will assist with administration of the funds as university policies require Marquette employees to be account administrators. The mentor will be included as an ad hoc approver in ORSP’s standard routing process in Kuali, which also includes electronic approval from the PI (student), the unit chair and dean, and the authorized official from ORSP. 

Approval in Kuali must be completed before the application is submitted.

Awards Coming to Marquette University

Since the awards will be coming to the university, all award documents must be reviewed and signed by the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs. Award accounts will be established and students will be given credit for the award in university reports. A faculty member who will assist with administration of the funds will also have access to the award account. Note that grant accounts are restricted funds and may only be used for the proposed project. All sponsor award terms and conditions must be followed, including reporting requirements. 

Awards Not Coming to Marquette University

If students wish to apply for an award and have the funds come directly to them, or if the sponsor requires that the award be made directly to the student, then ORSP is removed from the application and award process entirely. Examples of these awards include scholarships.



FINDING FUNDING (Student Opportunities)