SERVE: Students Engaging in Real Volunteer Opportunities


Apply now to be part of the Fall 2021 SERVE cohort.

SERVE provides an opportunity for first year students to engage in continuous service in the Milwaukee community while building strong relationships with classmates.

SERVE is a cohort of 20 first year students who volunteer, learn, and reflect together. Each participant is required to participate in weekly team-based service through priority placement in the Marquette Volunteer Corps (MVC). Through this service you will have the opportunity to learn about the agency’s mission and history, support students from the Milwaukee community and build relationships with other Marquette students.  SERVE members will also be asked to serve at one large group event, held in either October or November (genearlly on a Saturday). In addition to the service requirement, you will attend a weekend retreat and bieekly reflection sessions to reflect on your experiences, discuss community needs, and learn about social justice through positive and meaningful dialogue.

You can learn about the sites MVC serves here.

Why Join SERVE?

  • Build a community with other first-year students who care about service
  • Learn about Marquette’s Jesuit culture of service, being men and women for and with others, solidarity, and kinship
  • Learn about how social justice issues like stereotypes, inequality, and privilege relate to our service
  • Reflect on our diverse experiences of service and how we feel called to serve
  • Explore Milwaukee neighborhoods and nonprofits

Expectations of SERVE Participants
Volunteers are expected to commit to their weekly volunteer assignment through MVC, one large group event, 1-hour evening reflections every other week throughout the fall semester, and a weekend retreat in September. The success of the program relies on the participants’ attendance!

Please contact the Center for Community Service for additional information or questions at