414 Fellows FAQs

What is AmeriCorps?

Please visit the AmeriCorps government website for more detailed information.

What is Next Door?

Please visit the Next Door website for more information.

Why Early Childhood Education?

Milwaukee’s greatest asset is our youth. Research shows that a child’s brain develops incredibly quickly; thus, we have the greatest potential to positively impact a child’s life while they are beginning to develop language. Children who fall behind before age five rarely catch up. Next Door and the 414 Fellows recognize the value in every child’s development and seek to empower families and children as early as 6 weeks old to reach their full potential. 

Who can apply?

All undergraduate students are encouraged to apply! We welcome all majors and class years.

How many hours are 414 Fellows required to serve? 

414 Fellows are required to complete 300 hours of paid service over the course of one academic calendar year (August-May). Including direct service, training, and reflection, this averages to 8-10 hours per week during both fall and spring semesters. Fellows are also expected to partake in several National Days of Service throughout the year, which count toward the 300 hours.

What is the duration of this position? Can I be a 414 Fellow for more than what than one year? 

The 414 Fellows program is a one (academic) year commitment. Interested 414 Fellows may apply to serve additional years.

I’m planning to study abroad or Co-Op in the fall or spring, can I still be a 414 Fellow?

No; 414 Fellows are required to complete one continuous (August - May) academic year and 300 hours of service.

Is this a paid position?

In addition to receiving an hourly wage, 414 Fellows will receive a Segal AmeriCorps Education Award of $1250. Visit the National Service webpage for more details on how the award can be used.

Where will I be doing service? How will I get there?

414 Fellows will be working closely with Next Door at their 29th St. and Capitol Dr. locations. Transportation is provided by the Center for Community Service.

 What kind of training would I receive as a 414 Fellow?

414 Fellows will be equipped with longitudinal and robust training throughout their service year to foster greater leadership ability, improve technical skills in early childhood education, and ultimately inspire social action. Training will take place during retreats, reflections, and in-house at Next Door. Mentorship will include both intentional peer-to-peer and professional relationships to allow horizontal and vertical development across experience and expertise.