Formation of Hearts and Minds

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  • Overview
  • Spring 2018
    Exhibit Compassion toward Others in your Actions
    91% -1%
  • Spring 2016
    Men & Women for Others
    72% 4%
  • Spring 2016
    Leading by Example
    81% 2%
Formation of Hearts and Minds


Dr. Xavier Cole
Vice President of Student Affairs

Goal statement

Define the Marquette experience as personally transformative, grounded in Jesuit spirituality and pedagogy, informed by/in dialogue with the Catholic intellectual tradition and Catholic social teaching, and formative in developing men and women of faith and service for and with others.


Create a Marquette experience that is demonstrably transformational for students, faculty, and staff


  • Expand outreach to students, faculty, and staff to engage the Catholic intellectual tradition as a dialogue partner in their intellectual development
  • Expand opportunities to integrate Ignatian discernment practices into educational and developmental experiences for students, faculty, and staff
  • Promote the Catholic and Jesuit character of Marquette by providing the Spiritual Exercises to a greater number of students, faculty, and staff
  • Challenge faculty, staff, and students to higher standards of personal behavior and responsibility through the formation of character and choices that show respect for self and others
  • Consider the feasibility of infrastructure enhancements, such as an Ignatian retreat center, that would provide enhanced opportunities for retreats, educational, and developmental experiences
  • Expand opportunities for student participation in retreats such as the Ignatian Leadership Retreat, Marquette Experience Retreats, the Silent Directed Retreat, and the Lenten Retreat in Daily Life with more faculty and staff involvement in the delivery of these programs

Connect the transformative Marquette educational experience to the goals and practices of Catholic, Jesuit higher education


  • Require “Hiring for the Common Good” workshops and online resources for all university search committees with differentiated tracks for hiring faculty, staff, and senior leaders
  • Expand the faculty development pilot program focused on Jesuit educational mission and Ignatian pedagogy to ensure that teaching and learning is aligned with the mission and vision of Jesuit education
  • Increase student exposure to and engagement in the humanities and the arts as a constitutive dimension of a Marquette education grounded in our Catholic, Jesuit heritage

Form men and women in the Ignatian tradition of faith, social justice, and service for and with others


  • Increase student participation in domestic and international immersion experiences with increased focus on enhancing students’ cultural competencies, reflective practices, and awareness grounded in Catholic social teaching
  • Increase student, faculty, and staff participation in mission, spirituality, and service programs
  • Engage students, faculty, and staff in reflections on Catholic social teaching and its ability to inform the service of faith and the promotion of justice

Integrate the mission of the university more deeply with the Society of Jesus, its works and its heritage


  • In cooperation with our AJCU partners, integrate a self-assessment of Marquette’s Jesuit identity into our current assessment procedures
  • Expand the university’s commitment to new international initiatives in Jesuit higher education, in accordance with the orientations determined at the International Jesuit Higher Education meeting in Melbourne, Australia (2015)
  • Promote and expand opportunities for Jesuits to enhance the mission of the university through their ministries of teaching and administration

 Hearts and Minds dashboards

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