Social Responsibility Through Community Engagement

Social Responsibility Marker

Theme Leader

Paul Jones
Vice President, University Relations

Goal Statement

Distinguished by our ethics, service and promotion of justice, position Marquette as a pivotal partner and resource to address issues within our community and beyond its boundaries.

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Position Marquette as a leading anchor institution, and a pivotal resource for addressing key community-identified issues.

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Create a formal infrastructure to allow for a single point of contact, referral, data compilation and assessment of the university’s engagement with the community.
Building on Marquette’s institutional membership with various community engagement associations, encourage broader participation in national best practices conferences, facilitated dialogues, and summits, and facilitate the sharing of knowledge gained with the campus community.
Strengthen Marquette’s global community engagement demonstrated through international research, university partnerships, teaching and service.
Develop and implement local procurement and hiring practices to increase economic impact within the City of Milwaukee .
Leverage Near West Side Partners, Inc. partnership with all facets of the university to address local challenges with housing, economic and workforce development, healthcare, education, and safety.
Position the university as a convener around public policy issues.
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Address key community issues through bi-directional partnerships in research, teaching, outreach, service, innovation; and, the scholarship of engagement.

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Encourage grant proposals that provide innovative approaches to addressing key community issues.
Promote the scholarship of engagement and find ways to expand it more prominently within the university.
Develop and implement recruitment processes for graduate students, faculty, and staff that emphasize bi-directional partnerships in research, teaching, outreach, service, and innovation.
Incentivize and reward faculty and staff for participation in engaged activities that address key community-identified issues.
Create formal and informal faculty-mentoring programs to elevate opportunities to advance engagement in research and teaching, and deepen connections with community partners.
Theme objective 3 of 0

Promote justice, ethics, and service as key elements of the Marquette experience locally, nationally and globally.

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Prominently highlight the university’s work to promote justice, ethics, and service locally, nationally and globally.
Expand the number of, as well as the quality of, opportunities for more members of the Marquette community to be engaged in outreach and service to the local Milwaukee community and broader national and global communities.
Enhance intercultural competencies among all members of the Marquette campus community to advance culturally sensitive and authentic engagements as men and women for and with others.

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Achieving Beyond Boundaries



Associated with this theme are several key metrics, which help us assess our progress in achieving the goal and understand how we compare to other universities. For each metric, Marquette’s value is shown over time including, if available, a comparison to a referent group of 22 universities comprising both peer and aspirational schools. As the university is launching a new strategic planning effort, these metrics will no longer be updated. A new peer/aspirant group was developed by the Beyond Boundaries Steering Committee in 2022. The metrics below still reference the old referent group and will not be updated with the new peer/aspirant group.


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