Sustainability of Valuable Resources

Strategic goal themes

Pursuit of Academic Excellence for Human Well-being | Research in Action | A Culture of Inclusion | Social Responsibility through Community Engagement | Formation of Hearts and Minds | Sustainability of Valuable Resources

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  • Overview
  • Fiscal Years 2015-16 and 2016-17
    Alumni Giving Rates
    13.5% -0.5%
  • Fiscal Year 2016-17
    Composite Financial Index (CFI)
    3.43 0.36
  • Fiscal Year 2017-18
    Endowment (in $1,000,000s)
    $668.80 6.8%
Sustainability of Valuable Resources


Joel Pogodzinski
Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Goal statement

Continuously improve university operations to increase efficiencies, sustain shared resources and thrive in tomorrow’s competitive higher education landscape.


Foster a culture of organizational effectiveness in utilizing, conserving and sustaining valuable resources

Ensure Marquette is positioned to thrive in the competitive landscape of higher education

Articulate institutional priorities and implement practices that align resources accordingly

Sustainability dashboards

Associated with this theme are several key metrics, which help us assess our progress toward the achievement of the goal. For each metric, Marquette’s current value is shown in comparison to the previous value, along with an indicator of the direction of the change. More detailed data are accessible for each metric, including a trend over time and, if available, a comparison to a group of 22 referent universities comprising both peer and aspirational schools. Often, the availability of comparison data lags by a year or more. For some metrics, comparison data cannot be disaggregated by school; thus, only group comparison statistics are shown. For internally tracked metrics, although comparative data are not available, the data will be tracked over time.