Sustainability of Valuable Resources

Sustainabiity of Valuable Resources Marker

Theme Leader

Joel Pogodzinski
Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Goal Statement

Continuously improve university operations to increase efficiencies, sustain shared resources and thrive in tomorrow’s competitive higher education landscape.

Theme objective 1 of 0

Foster a culture of organizational effectiveness in utilizing, conserving and sustaining valuable resources.

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Theme objective 2 of 0

Ensure Marquette is positioned to thrive in the competitive landscape of higher education.

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Theme objective 3 of 0

Articulate institutional priorities and implement practices that align resources accordingly.

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Achieving Beyond Boundaries



Associated with this theme are several key metrics, which help us assess our progress in achieving the goal and understand how we compare to other universities. For each metric, Marquette’s value is shown over time including, if available, a comparison to a group of 22 universities comprising both peer and aspirational schools. Often, the availability of comparison data lags by a year or more.


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