Student Complaint Policy

In accordance with federal regulations and expectations of the Higher Learning Commission Marquette University sets forth this student complaint policy consistent with its mission as a Catholic and Jesuit university. This policy applies to all Marquette University students regardless of college, school, classification, type or location. No retaliation of any kind shall be taken against a student who files a complaint under this policy.

Please read this policy in its entirety to determine who to contact, or if unsure, how to complete and submit the Student Complaint Form below.

Some student complaints are related to academic procedures or personnel. These issues may best be addressed by the chairperson of a department or by an administrator in the dean’s office of the appropriate college or school. Students are encouraged to reach out to an administrator, such as a department chair or assistant or associate dean, in the appropriate area to discuss the matter. The websites and contact numbers below may be useful for students who are unsure of the exact person to contact in an academic unit.

For issues related to registration, student employment, billing, or payments please contact Marquette Central and for issues related to testing or classroom accommodations, please contact the Office of Disability Services (contact information below). Finally, as appropriate, students should consult current policies and procedures already in existence such as those for grade appeals.

Academic Unit                                                                 Telephone Number

Klingler College of Arts and Sciences                                (414) 288-7059

College of Business Administration                                   (414) 288-7142

Diederich College of Communication                                 (414) 288-7505

School of Dentistry                                                               (414) 288-7485

College of Education                                                            (414) 288-7376

Opus College of Engineering                                              (414) 288-6000

Graduate School                                                                   (414) 288-7137

Graduate School of Management                                        (414) 288-7142

College of Health Sciences                                                  (414) 288-2193

Law School                                                                            (414) 288-1908

College of Nursing                                                                (414) 288-3800


Issue                                                             Unit                                            Telephone Number

Registration, student employment,           Marquette Central                           (414) 288-4000

billing, payments Marquette Central 


Testing or in class accommodations        Office of Disability Services           (414) 288-1645


Other student complaints are related to non-academic procedures or personnel. In these cases, students should contact an administrator in the appropriate area. A list of issues together with the appropriate administrative office is provided below.


Issue                                                             Unit                                            Telephone Number

Gender-based harassment or concern         Title IX Office                                (414) 288-3151

Race-based harassment or concern             Bias Incident Response Team    (414) 288-2366

Campus safety                                              MU Police Department                 (414) 288-6800

Housing facilities or staff                               Office of Residence Life              (414) 288-7208

Computer network                                         Information Technology              (414) 288-7799

Dining service Marquette                              Dining Services                            (414) 288-3287

Rec facilities and intramurals                        Recreational Sports                     (414) 288-6976

Parking                                                          Parking Services                          (414) 288- 6911

University webpage                                       Office of University Relations     (414) 288-7448

Union facilities and events                             Alumni Memorial Union               (414) 288-7250


Students may, at times, be unsure where to go with a particular complaint. In such cases, students may complete and submit the Student Complaint Form below. Please read the instructions carefully before submitting a complaint.

The complaint must contain the following information: (1) Complainant’s name, MUID (identification number), Marquette E-mail, phone number and mailing address; (2) A detailed description of the matter including the specific actions and dates that constitute the complaint along with the names and titles of those presumed to be responsible; (3) An account of what steps have already been taken to resolve the issue; and (4) Any documentation (evidence) related to the complaint.

Upon submission of a formal complaint, the Division of Student Affairs will determine where to refer the complaint for resolution.1 After referral, the appropriate administrator will investigate the matter and contact the student as necessary with questions or for additional information. Typically, complaints are investigated and resolved within 30 working days, during which time a resolution will be rendered and communicated to the student.

The student may appeal the resolution to the provost within five (5) working days following communication to the Complainant of the resolution. The provost (or provost’s designee) may request additional information from the complainant as well as from the college/school/area involved in the complaint. The provost will make a determination on the appeal which will be shared with the complainant and the affected unit or individual. The provost’s determination shall be final.

Students may file complaints here.

Marquette University reserves the right to modify, amend or terminate this policy at any time.