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You are in control of how much information you want and how you get it. With everything that is out there, we will work to have the most up-to-date information and resources available to you in regard to alcohol education.

Within this page, there’s a copy of the university alcohol policy in case you are unclear on something. There is also a list of potential conduct outcomes for you to review.

The get involved page  highlights ways to engage the campus through discussion and programs. The level of involvement is up to you, but all offer ways to expand your circle of friends as well as give feedback to the university.

The resources page offers basic facts to in-depth knowledge of how alcohol affects you, from your athletic performance to your social life.

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Conduct Outcomes

When students find themselves heading to a conduct meeting, two of the first questions are “what’s going to happen to me” and “what outcomes will I have to face.”

The quick answer is that it depends. At Marquette University, we take multiple factors into account when assigning outcomes to conduct cases. Some of the questions we ask ourselves are: is this a first offense? How many people are affected by the situation? How often is this behavior exhibited? What is the risk that the student is placing himself or herself in?

Possible outcomes for violation of the university alcohol policy include:

  • A reflection paper and action plan
  • A counseling session
  • A research paper on alcohol within higher education

Further information can be found in the Disciplinary Actions section of the Student Conduct Code.

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