Ways to Engage with MU Sustainability

 Whether it's taking courses, joining a student group, doing an internship, conducting research, or just being a champion of sustainability in your office or dorm, there are endless ways to engage with sustainability at Marquette and make an impact!

News and Events

Check out the latest sustainability news & events.

Marquette Wire 'No Planet B' Column

Written by Sustainability Interns, 'No Planet B' is a monthly column published digitially in the Marquette Wire.

Student Organizations

SEAC-Students for an Environmentally Active Campus 

Faculty & Staff Organizations

Sustainable Marquette Employee Resource Group

Purpose: The Sustainable Marquette Employee Resource Group supports the university's guiding values and pledges to pray for, learn about, assess, act upon, and advocate for climate justice.  By providing a platform for shared resources, workshops, and discussions, we seek to engage MU faculty and staff in incorporating sustainable practices into their personal and professional lives.  Our group organizes opportunities for faculty and staff to get involved in community and campus sustainability efforts at whatever level they feel most comfortable and assists in developing knowledge and skills with respect to sustainability.

Learn more at the Sustainable Marquette ERG website.

Interested in being a member? Contact co-chair Chelsea Malacara at chelsea.malacara@marquette.edu or co-chair Elisa Coghlan elisa.coghlan@marquette.edu


Our Sustainability Internship Program is aimed to offer students high-quality and high-impact opportunities that work to meet Marquette's sustainability goals. Sustainability covers a wide spectrum of areas from environmental justice to transportation to energy to landscaping, and the Office of Sustainability supports these efforts at Marquette. If you are looking for an internship that will be meaningful and will have a positive impact on our campus community, contact sustainability@marquette.edu

Learn more about the internship experience here.



The Cook Lab

Through our research, we are on a quest to uncover how organisms collect information about their world, how they share that information with others, and ultimately how they prioritize information and organize as a group to affect change in their environment.

Water Quality Center

This center brings together researchers, industries, government agencies, private foundations and others to solve problems related to lake, river and groundwater quality. We work in the areas of environmental engineering and water resources engineering.

Engineering Hall Labs

Sustainability Lab

The Marquette University Sustainability Lab is a cross-disciplinary project that aims to research and disseminate knowledge, foster and develop managers around effective sustainability and stewardship practices increasingly demanded across industries globally.