Literacy and Capacity

Develop institutional awareness and understanding about what sustainability is and why it is important. Cultivate attitudes, values and skills for sustainability that will inspire change and enable action.

  • For Students: Incorporate sustainability education into existing curriculum and develop new offerings that are sustainability-focused.

  • For Faculty and Staff: Incorporate sustainability education into existing employee training and development programs.

By enhancing sustainability literacy, sustainability leadership and capacity will emerge. Over time, this will result in a dynamic institutional culture of sustainability.


Develop strategies for funding and incentivizing sustainability efforts of various types and scales. The might include:

  • Program or budget allocations

  • Creating a Green Revolving Loan Fund

  • Green Fees

  • Grants

  • Donor Gifts

Like other institutional priorities, sustainability requires financial support to be successful and resilient. Fortunately, investments in sustainability generate savings and value over time.

Sustainable Development

The Master Planning Process' Sustainability Working Group (2016) created guidelines that Marquette's design, construction and renovation projects should prioritize:

  • Energy: Reduce emissions by shifting from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources and improve energy efficiency.

  • Water: Minimize stormwater discharge from campus and reduce campus water consumption.

  • Buildings and Landscape

    • Establish sustainable design standards such as WELL, Living Building Challenge, LEED and PassiveHouse

    • Implement smart, energy efficiency technology and controls

    • Increase native landscaping, no-mow zones, and forested areas

Campus and Community Engagement

Marquette is committed to advancing sustainability both at Marquette and beyond our institutional boundary. By developing and participating in collaborative activities, programs, projects, events and relationships, we will live up to the Jesuit mission and Catholic social teachings that compel us to care for other and the environment.