Organization Partners

Fellows Receive Nonprofit Organization Work Placement in Milwaukee

While engaged in full-time graduate study, Trinity Fellows work in professional, substantive positions designed by selected nonprofit organizations in Milwaukee. These organization-based work assignments are considered off-campus graduate assistantships and occupy fellows 18 hours per week during each academic year and 40 hours per week during the summer between academic years.

Organization Partners

In any given year, we have about 24 active organization partnerships. Most of the organization sites are located within five miles of Marquette's campus.

Since our program began in 2000, more than 100 Milwaukee nonprofit organizations have partnered with us, providing a broad range of opportunities for fellows to work and contribute in the Milwaukee community:

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ABLE (Audio & Braille Literacy Enhancement)

Adult Learning Center

Agency provides basic skills and GED instruction to educationally and economically disadvantaged adults, aged 18-60. Learn more about Adult Learning Center.

Example Roles and Responsibilities

Student Support Specialist (2020-22)

  • Provide a range of support services and referrals to ALC students and volunteers, both individually, and through coordination of guest speakers and other informational events for the student body.
  • Fellow will also support the executive director in planning, organizing and implementing internal and external communications, including: newsletter, stories for website, social media content and media releases.

Transition Specialist (2018-20) (2016-18) (2013-15) (2011-13) (2009-11)

  • Coach students on goal setting in areas of housing, child care, post-secondary education.
  • Connect students with community resources.
  • Create and update students’ Personal Action plans.
  • Plan and organize ALC Boot Camp with ManPower Group.
  • Develop life skills workshops, and family and financial literacy programs.
  • Attend board meetings; monitor volunteer service hours; assist with volunteer coordination, fund development.

Fund Development & Public Relations/ Program Assistant (2007-09) (2005-07) 

Promote agency; research funding sources; assist with newsletters, grant writing, reports, brochures; database maintenance; strategic planning; board development.

African American Leadership Alliance of Milwaukee (AALAM)

AALAM is a nonprofit, cross-sector network of African American leaders and allies dedicated to developing, supporting, and positioning Milwaukee’s pool of African American talent. Learn more about AALAM.

Examples of Roles and Responsibilities

 Jr. Associate for AALAM (2023-25)

  • Participate in workshops and leadership seminars
  • Network and provide written reports on community events
  • Identify and create a database of the areas Black and Brown professionals in leadership roles
  • Write articles on community events. 

After Breast Cancer Diagnosis

ABCD provides free, personalized information and one-to-one support to people affected by breast cancer – patients, families and friends  and is a national leader in promoting best practices for peer cancer survivorship support. Learn more about After Breast Cancer Diagnosis.

Example Roles and Responsibilities

Volunteer Engagement Fellow (2016-17)

  • Analyze and refine ABCD’s volunteer recruitment, training and onboarding processes; analyze corps effectiveness, future support needs and expanded service opportunities with special focus on the medically underserved.
  • Fellow will also assist with marketing, communications, outreach and program development.

Alliance for Strong Families and Communities

The agency is a voluntary, nonprofit, national membership organization for neighborhood-based organizations throughout the United States and is a national advocate for social justice, neighborhood-based progress and community building rooted in the tradition of the settlement house movement. Learn more about the Alliance.

Example Roles and Responsibilities

Impact Coordinator, Organizational Excellence (2018-20)

  • Major project areas are educational success and co-creating with community.
  • Research and document network practices in targeted areas, map capacity and share knowledge about effective practices.
  • Manage peer exchange groups that support network learning and collaborative projects.

Fund Development Coordinator (2018-19)

  • Work with development team to help advance agency’s national fund development goals.
  • Work with the development and marketing teams to develop fund development digital strategy, including an improved fund development webpage, social media strategy, online fund development and database management.

Equity Coordinator (2017-18)

Build the Alliance’s commitment to advancing equity, with a focus on organizational capacity building around racial equity, through research and documentation of network’s practices, partnership development, measurement, developing a business case for equitable practices/models/behaviors, and new funding pipelines.

Civic Engagement Research Coordinator (2015-17)

  • Create case studies tracking the developmental process of organizations in our network that are increasing their capacity for impact through engagement strategies.
  • Use interviews and other forms of outreach to increase the Center’s knowledge about strong community-based approaches to human services provision and help to translate this knowledge into tools and resources for the network.

Asset Coordinator, Neighborhood Revitalization (2012-14)

  • Document assets and strengths of UNCA membership.
  • Responsible for data acquisition, organization and analysis; written and oral communication to internal and external stakeholders; training and technical assistance; outreach to local and national organizations.

All-In Milwaukee

All-In Milwaukee is a coalition of education partners helping low-income, high-potential students graduate from college. Learn more about All-In Milwaukee.

Example Roles and Responsibilities

Program Manager (2020-21) 

  • Create and implement key program components for scholar development including creating a career exploration and development curriculum.
  • Fellow will also design and execute an evaluation for All-In MKE, manage data dashboards and track program impact.

American Red Cross

 Learn more about American Red Cross.

Example Roles and Responsibilties 

Community Engagement & Disaster Response Associate (2023-25)

  • Attend local/community meetings/events to educate on Red Cross services.
  • Onboard new volunteers.
  • Complete Disaster Action Team training and serve as member of team.
  • Respond to disasters (primarily home fires) with Milwaukee and surrounding communities. Ensure action teams have supplies necessary to respond to disasters.
  • Assist with other disaster programs such as youth disaster preparedness education, smoke alarm installation events.  

Artists Working in Education

 AWE’s mission is to provide youth in the Milwaukee area with arts enrichment programs to enhance human potential, advance learning and cultivate community. Learn more about Artists Working in Education.

Example Roles and Responsibilities

Marketing and Fundraising Fellow (2016-18)

  • Coordinate effective communication and public relations strategies.
  • Develop AWE marketing activities to reach a broader public, enlarging audiences for its arts programming and increasing donor base.
  • Manage website content and updates.
  • Develop annual report and annual appeal. Implement and maintain social media campaigns and online presence.
  • Cultivate relationships with the media.
  • Accountable for marketing of events.

Black Arts Milwaukee

Black Arts Milwaukee supports African American arts organizations in Milwaukee to preserve and promote the history and culture of the African diaspora and inspire creativity in future generations. Learn more about Black Arts Milwaukee.

Example Roles and Responsibilities

Communication Fellow (2018-20) 

  • Develop, implement and evaluate the annual communications plan in collaboration with the Black Arts MKE team and constituents.
  • Lead the generation of online content. Develop and evaluate communications vehicle.
  • Manage the development, distribution and maintenance of all print and electronic collateral.
  • Lead Black Arts MKE's website administration and coordination.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee

Carmen Schools of Science and Technology

The mission is to graduate critical thinkers and self-directed learners prepared for success in college, meaningful careers, community involvement and family life. Learn more about Carmen Schools.

Example Roles and Responsibilities

Joy & Enrichment Program Lead (2022-24)

Assess students' wants and needs in school programming that are not currently reflected. Work with School leadership team to review key student achievement and satisfaction data to assess needs. Design student support programming. 

Special Assistant to the Head of Schools (2014-16) 

Assist with development, advocacy, community outreach, advancing strategic plan. Work focused on education reform policy, development and lobbying, community organizing and donor relations.

College Transition Coordinator (2009-11) 

  • Develop and implement a college transition program plan for CHS students; develop relationships with community businesses, college/university admissions directors and college/university scholarship program managers to facilitate summer internships and college admission.
  • Assist with advocacy, build student/parent library of materials for college/financial aid and assist with development of CHS college scholarship fund.

Catholic Charities

Centro Hispano of Milwaukee

Agency advocates on behalf of Latinos and the socially and economically challenged. Services include programs in education, housing and human services. Learn more about Centro Hispano.

Example Roles and Responsibilities

Health Education Fellow (2014-15) 

Advance the agency’s outreach efforts to the Latino population related to the Affordable Care Act; research city and state health policy, with particular emphasis on equity issues and disparities impacting Latinos, including Medicaid. Survey community-based organizations and health providers to determine which entities provide direct and indirect health care services to Latinos and the undocumented population in Milwaukee County.

Assistant to the Director-Office of Development and Grants Management (2007-09) 

Records maintenance, database management, research, marketing, donor relations, grant monitoring, reporting, participation in board meetings, assist with coordination of fund development activities, grant writing, fundraising events.

Children's Service Society of Wisconsin

City Forward Collective

City Forward Collective is a new effort to move Milwaukee forward by eliminating educational inequities and ensuring every child has access to a great school. Learn more about City Forward Collective.

Example Roles and Responsibilities

Community Policy Advocacy Fellow (2020-22) (2022-24)

  • Research local, state and national educational trends and policies to help inform organization’s policy and advocacy work.
  • Research and write policy briefs.
  • Drive the development of content for a Family Leadership Institute that will train parents of K-12 students to organize for quality schools in their communities and citywide.
  • Research and curate resources on leadership institute models for quality K-12 education.
  • Conduct staff trainings and participate in delivering trainings to parents/caregivers and community members.
  • Create a training and leadership institute toolkit.

City on a Hill

 Agency mission is to alleviate the symptoms of chronic poverty in our neighborhood, to help young people in Milwaukee’s central city break the cycle of generational poverty in their families, and to engage people in solutions to urban poverty in their nation. Learn more about City on a Hill.

Example Roles and Responsibilities

Development Coordinator (2016-18) 

  • Support agency leadership in specific projects in three organizational development areas: 1) program development, 2) fund development, and 3) staff development.
  • Area 1: advancing youth program development by focusing on evaluation and refinement of metrics for current programs, and curricula development to incorporate research on generational poverty into new programs.
  • Area 2: refining and communicating the case for support in our capital campaign communications and annual report.
  • Area 3: assisting in the development and implementation of management evaluation and diversity training.

City of Milwaukee Department of Public Works – MKE Parks

Mission is to steward a thriving park system that positively impacts every Milwaukee County Park visitor. Learn more about City of Milwaukee Department of Public Works.

Example Roles and Responsibilities

Assistant Program Coordinator 

  • Serves as an ambassador of the program and will work collaboratively with the program coordinator to administer program activities for MKE Parks.
  • Responsibilities include all aspects related to volunteer and community engagement, marketing and communications, fundraising and partnership development, design and construction, and educational outreach and policy.

City Year Milwaukee

City Year is an education-focused nonprofit organization that unites young people, ages 17-24, of all backgrounds for a year of full-time service in high-need schools where they serve as tutors, mentors and role models helping students succeed and stay in school and on track to graduate. Learn more about City Year. 

Example Roles and Responsibilities

Corps Member Development Coordinator (2019-21) (2017-19)

  • Develop and execute an evaluation system for monitoring the effectiveness of the Corps member trainings.
  • Report on attendance and compliance. Assist with planning and executing the annual training schedule and managing the Learning & Development calendar.
  • Develop a systematic process for collecting and organizing training resources in internal web-based system.
  • Support the creation and delivery of new training material as appropriate.
  • Lead internal and external asset mapping activities related to Corps support and training.

Community Partnership Manager (2015-17) 

  • Internal and external asset mapping activities.
  • Attend and provide limited liaison support to collaborative meetings, encourage use of protocols and established collected procedure and decision making structures.
  • Mobilize cooperation and understanding of shared goals while managing collaborative portfolios.
  • Research best practices/policies in collaborative urban education reform.
  • Produce materials outlining involvement with local and national projects and initiatives.
  • Develop and implement data collection methods, tools and evaluation measures to inform strategy.

Training and Evaluation Coordinator (2013-15) 

  • Work with Training and Evaluation team to ensure delivery of a comprehensive learning and leadership development program for 90+ volunteers.
  • Support “train the trainer” program delivery and evaluation.
  • Collect, evaluate and report on data for 1300+ students at 10+ schools; assist with additional evaluation, analysis and reporting projects.

Clarke Square Neighborhood Initiative

The mission of CSNI is to improve the neighborhood and benefit community residents. CSNI is responsible for leading and coordinating the continued implementation of the Clarke Square Quality of Life Plan. Learn more about Clarke Square Neighborhood Initiative. 

Example Roles and Responsibilities

Strategy Coordinator (2019-21) 

  • Plan, facilitate and report on partnership meetings and project-related events. Acquire funding via sponsorships, grants or in-kind contributions in support of strategic area activities.
  • Utilize communication platforms to promote positive exposure for events.
  • Recruit and supervise volunteers necessary to staff events and activities.

Impact Communications Specialist (2017-19) 

  • Develop and coordinate content for CSNI controlled media.
  • Develop key messages for earned and acquired media.
  • Nurture relationships with external implementing partners and between these external partners and neighbors to bring clarity of definition an authentic meaning to impact measures.
  • Planning and moderation of group meetings.
  • Task-orientation and/or project management accountability across multiple individuals and organizations.
  • Identifying, mapping and communicating the business, skill and opportunity of neighborhood assets.

Connections in Sight

 Nonprofit no longer operating. 

Cristo Rey Jesuit High School

 A Catholic high school for young men and women of all faiths and limited financial means, integrates rigorous academics, professional work experiences  and spiritual development to empower graduates to succeed in college and life. Learn more about Cristo Rey Jesuit High School.

Example Roles and Responsibilities

Mission Effectiveness Project Manager (2016-18) 

  • Communicate protocols and standards required by agencies which evaluate the school’s implementation of its mission.
  • Coordinate internal review process to prepare for external visits from outside evaluators across school departments.
  • Write reports, facilitate stakeholder feedback groups.
  • Gather and analyze school/student performance data relevant to mission effectiveness requirements of external agencies.
  • Work with assistant principal to recommend practices utilizing stakeholder feedback associated with requirements of accrediting agency.

Data You Can Use

Connects the Milwaukee community with people who have data and assist in accessing, analyzing, translating, interpreting and presenting data. Learn more about Data You Can Use.

Example Roles and Responsibilities

Community Engagement & Data Communications Specialist (2018-20) (2022-24)

  • Assist with compiling and disseminating communications and data to organizations that request it.
  • Assist in the design and execution of events, conferences, and trainings.
  • Help the team review and select the quantitative and qualitative metrics that will improve outreach to residents and/or partner organizations in Milwaukee.
  • Update online content and edit reports.

Discovery World

Discovery World educates, motivates, mobilizes, and inspires the innovators and entrepreneurs of the 21st century. Learn more about Discovery World.

Example Roles and Responsibilities

Development Assistant (2013-15) 

Act as liaison between development, PR and marketing departments; creating and assisting with strategic communications, including newsletters, annual report, online content: fund development research; development and implementation of development initiatives, community outreach.

Dominican Center 

The Dominican Center for Women partners with the community to maintain and enhance a beautiful, stable, healthy, and safe neighborhood consisting of residents who are community minded and are striving to be meaningfully educated and employed. Learn more about Dominican Center.

Example Roles and Responsibilities

Communications and Community Engagement Specialist (2016-18) (2014-16) 

  • Assess internal and external communication capabilities.
  • Develop and implement a communications plan.
  • Monitor and oversee content.
  • Collect stories and updates for social media.
  • Produce and update print communications.
  • Organize and maintain detailed records of program history.
  • Research best practices for community engagement.
  • Assist with event planning and coordination of community gatherings.

Employ Milwaukee

Employ Milwaukee's mission is to build a strong workforce development system by planning, coordinating, collaborating and monitoring workforce initiatives with businesses, partners and community stakeholders at the local, regional and state level to ensure a skilled and productive workforce for the 21st Century. Learn more about Employ Milwaukee

Example of Roles and Responsibilities 

Program Coordinator (2022-24)

  • Leverage existing programs and resources to create a reentry entrepreneurship program.
  • Provide direct support service to reentry individuals enrolled in the program.
  • Organize and implement prioritized actions, using systemwide technology software.
  • Attend meetings and facilitate communication as needed. 

The Gathering

The mission of The Gathering is to provide meals and associated services to those who would otherwise go hungry or without. Learn more about the Gathering.

Example Roles and Responsibilities

Project Manager, Strategic Plan Implementation (2012-14) (2011-12) 

  • Manage Fresh Produce Preservation project
  • Board Awareness/PR committee support
  • Technological, social media communications; PR materials, newsletter, other print communications; program evaluation, research, and program design
  • Assist with fund development

Girl Scouts of Wisconsin Southeast

Greater Milwaukee Committee

The GMC’s mission is to make Greater Milwaukee the best place to live, learn, work, play and stay. Membership comprises of regional businesses, labor, academic, philanthropic, nonprofit and civic leaders who believe that intelligent, active interest in public affairs is the true measure of citizenship and the foundation for community. Learn more about Greater Milwaukee Committee.

Example Roles and Responsibilities

Resource Development Coordinator (MKE United) (2022-24)

  • Responsible for identifying and soliciting opportunities for funding for the MKE United initiative.
  • Assist in a spectrum of grant writing, grant reporting and other fundraising duties.
  • Support grant compliance and reporting, after grants have been received. 

MKE United Project Coordinator (2019-21) 

  • Plan and host community engagement events.
  • Lead working groups of community leaders, and aspects of internal project management.
  • Work on a collective impact projects focused on transformative, equity-centric systems-change for our city.

Downtown Task Force Project Staff (2016-18) 

  • Assist project management team with general planning and project coordination.
  • Assist with neighborhood civic engagement.
  • Develop and implement surveys.
  • Organize focus groups and, in some cases, facilitate them.
  • Assist with data collection and analysis; identify common themes and trends via collected data.
  • Assist with communications and social media management; coordinate, plan, and facilitate meetings with key stakeholders.

Greater Milwaukee Foundation

Strengthening Communities Through Effective Partnerships. Learn more about Greater Milwaukee Foundation.

Example Roles and Responsibilities

Research and Program Assistant (2017-19) (2015-17) (2013-2015) 

  • Engage in community leadership and impact aspects of the Foundation’s work.
  • Assist in researching community issues related to education, neighborhoods, income and racial equality.
  • Research includes on-going evaluation of community assets and needs.
  • Develop formats for sharing information: reports, presentation, convening of targeted audiences.

Guest House of Milwaukee

Guest House of Milwaukee is the largest publicly funded homeless shelter in the city and has been leading our community in ending the cycle of poverty in our clients' lives for nearly 40 years. Learn more about Guest House of Milwaukee.

Example Roles and Responsibilities 

Fund Development Associate (2021-23)

  • Supports the Director of Fund Development and other fund development positions in achieving the development-related goals identified in the organization strategic plan. Support special event (fundraising) coordination, foundation grants, community-based advocacy, budgeting, coordination of programming to enhance client engagement, stewardship, database management, volunteer management, marketing and public relations.

Housing Authority of the City of Milwaukee

The mission of the Housing Authority of the City of Milwaukee (HACM) is to foster strong, resilient and inclusive communities by providing a continuum of high-quality housing options that support self-sufficiency, good quality of life, and the opportunity to thrive. Learn more about HACM.

Example Roles and Responsibilities

Resident Services/Choice Neighborhood Initiative (CNI) Assistant (2019-2021) 

  • Assist in work involving the establishment of a new nonprofit subsidiary, including determining mission and structure of the nonprofit organization, Board structure, outreach materials, and fundraising efforts.
  • Assist in developing and promoting the CNI transformation plan.
  • Will serve as a liaison to residents, partners and other stakeholders.

Communication Fellow (2017-19) 

  • Conducts research and maintains client and agency databases.
  • Assists in the development of HACM marketing material and social media content.
  • Content development to print and online use to promote resident and program success stories.
  • Press release writing and pitching to media representatives.
  • Maintenance of website content.
  • Production and promotion of special events.
  • Development of marketing materials for agency programs and services.


Agency serves persons with disabilities. Mission is to facilitate empowerment through education, advocacy, independent living services, and coalition building. Learn more about IndependenceFirst.

Example Roles and Responsibilities

Marketing and Program Development Coordinator – Youth Leadership Program (2015-16) 

  • Update and streamline all written materials for the Youth Leadership Program.
  • Write and create curriculum for My Brother’s Keeper male support group, create curriculum for Safe Relationships Safe Places and other classes and workshops. Design and edit a new website or addition to existing website for Disability and Sexuality Survey.

Wheelchair Recycling Program ( WRP) Fellow (2012-14) (2004-06) (2012-14)

Assist with community outreach initiatives, strategic planning, fund development, program development, marketing initiatives, and reports. (2004-06) Project coordination; research; grant writing.

Chief Administrative Staff in Training/Legislative Advocate (2009-11) 

  • Work closely with Executive Director to implement strategic plan; advocacy; research
  • Serve as liaison between persons with disabilities and agency by organizing and identifying resources available for advocacy issues; participate in planning meetings.

Program Development Fellow (2008-09) 

  • Work with the Executive Director and staff to create a sustainability plan for the Housing Advocacy and the Recreation Program
  • Develop and facilitate a conflict resolution program for staff.
  • Attend board meetings, employee relations committee meetings.

Legislative Advocate (2006-08) (2004-06)

Conduct advocacy; research; program development; event coordination; project assessment.

Administration-Housing/Transition Fellow (2002-04)

Project coordination and development; research; grant writing.

Interfaith Older Adult Programs

International Institute of Wisconsin 

Agency is dedicated to the promotion of international cooperation, understanding, and a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural perspective through education, exchange, communication, social activities, and immigration and naturalization services. Learn more about International Institute of Wisconsin .

Example Roles and Responsibilities

Transition Specialist (2017-19) 

  • Identify changing needs of the refugee community.
  • Identify and develop relationships with community resources.
  • Synthesize and formulate a deliverable format for findings and resources.
  • Assist in the delivery of English Club and Cultural Orientation to new arrivals.
  • Assist in the planning and execution of Institute events.

New Americans Programs Coordinator (2015-17) 

  • Develop and deliver naturalization test preparation classes for clients seeking citizenship.
  • Conduct original research dedicated to understanding how refugees and immigrants are conceptualizing citizenship.

Program Assistant (2014-15) 

Research, develop and implement refugee resettlement survey/impact assessment for IIW; assist case workers in fulfilling IIW refugee resettlement service responsibilities, additional program development/delivery duties as needed.

Special Assistant to the President (2010-12) 

Assist agency President in the development of professional resources, design and/or redesign of current programs and their implementation, and the development of appropriate funding strategies.

Journey House

Community-based organization dedicated to providing quality education, leadership development and life skills programming. Learn more about Journey House.

Example Roles and Responsibilities

Community Engagement Communications Manager (2017-2019) 

  • Assist with developing, planning, executing, and assessing community events.
  • Assist with maintenance of and improvement to the volunteer database, volunteer opportunity listings, and volunteer outreach efforts.
  • Manage efforts to communicate with stakeholders about programs and events. Produce media that highlights the successes and stories of Journey House and its participants.
  • Work with program staff to help tell their own stories and build staff capacity to communicate their successes effectively.

Opportunities Research Analyst (2015-17) 

  • Evaluate current programs to determine feasibility of expansion and resources needed to enhance current programs.
  • Participate in brainstorming sessions with leadership to evaluate new programming.
  • Work closely with youth, adult and workforce program directors to determine current and future needs.
  • Assist in developing a strategic plan for agency program expansion that includes community feedback.
  • Advise fund development team on key funding opportunities and strategies.

Assistant Director, Community Relations and Volunteer Coordinator, Community Events Assistant (2017-19) (2013-15) 

  • Volunteer Coordination: Manage and coordinate agency volunteer program; develop job descriptions, orient, monitor, evaluate, track, handle correspondence, assist with coordinating volunteer events, and community outreach.
  • Community Relations: data management, communications, and public relations/marketing. Research and analysis investigating the feasibility of community partnerships, program and funding opportunities.

Community Outreach Coordinator (2011-13)

  • Develop and implement strategies for engaging businesses, organizations, and associations that will enhance agency visibility and promote collaborations; and assist with agency website design and maintenance.
  • Collaborations will be sought in the fields of education, employment, law enforcement, and community development.

Assistant Development Director (2010-12) (2008-10) (2006-08) (2004-06), (2000-02) 

Fundraising activities such as capital campaign, annual giving, special events, gift cultivation and solicitation. Grant writing and public relations.

Layton Boulevard West Neighbors

Layton Boulevard West Neighbors (LBWN) builds strong and healthy neighborhoods in the city of Milwaukee by stabilizing and revitalizing the Silver City, Burnham Park and Layton Park communities. These south side neighborhoods are some of Milwaukee’s most diverse and economically vibrant. Learn more about LBWN.

Example Roles and Responsibilities

Community Partnership and Data Fellow (2020-22) 

  • Cultivate and develop community partnerships that will fulfill the vision for improved quality of life in the near south side neighborhoods.
  • Research, track and analyze data, including: maximizing Salesforce database to track neighborhood outcomes, collecting and tracking programmatic data, and conducting analysis of historic and ongoing data.

Marketing & Communications Coordinator (2017-19) 

  • Create and implement a mid-term fund development plan.
  • Research, develop, populate and implement a donor management system.
  • Assist in developing easy to-use templates for staff members.
  • Assist in developing a marketing menu for staff to clearly identify marketing needs for their community development efforts.
  • Research options for a bilingual website (Spanish/English). Develop and implement a bilingual website.

Legal Action of Wisconsin

Legal Action of Wisconsin’s mission is to deliver exceptional civil legal services and structural change advocacy, free of cost, to those most in need. Learn more about Legal Action.

Example Roles and Responsibilties

Client Services Liaison (2023-25)

  • Facilitate client engagement and support on behalf of LAW’s general housing unit, Specific services provided could include: assisting clients in preparing, completing, and submitting applications for rent assistance; working with clients and rent assistance providers; relocation assistance; drafting correspondence to landlords; assisting in acquisition of information and records; facilitating client inquiries to public housing providers; helping clients access other housing resources; and coordinating entry into the Continuum of Care and obtaining emergency shelter for clients currently homeless or facing imminent homelessness. 

LISC Milwaukee

With residents and partners, LISC forges resilient and inclusive communities of opportunity across America – great places to live, work, visit, do business and raise families. Learn more about LISC.

Example Roles and Responsibilities

Communication - Digital Communication Strategies (2020-22) 

  • Support LISC Milwaukee and the Brew City Match communication activities.
  • Fellow will design and execute campaigns to boost engagement, educate and inform external audiences.
  • Will coordinate the production of promotional materials including print and digital collateral.
  • Coordinate the reporting of key analytics of social media accounts.
  • Organize trainings for LISC partners to engage local media, marketing, best practices and industry trends.
  • Coordinate media events and media related projects. Review websites.

Literacy Services of Wisconsin

Literacy Services of Wisconsin educates, motivates, and inspires engaged adults to achieve greater independence and transform their lives. Learn more about Literacy Services of Wisconsin.

Example Roles and Responsibilities

Capacity Development Manager (2017-19) 

  • Manage volunteer position development, strategic volunteer recruitment, the inquiry/application process, onboarding and reporting.
  • Develop grant proposals and reports.
  • Manage donor data and communications.
  • Serve as a member of the staff strategic plan implementation team and carry out tasks related to the plan.
  • Serve as a staff member on the board Development Committee.
  • Plan and manage events.

Marquette University Center for Peacemaking & Near West Side Partners - PARC Initiative

PARC is designed to support NWSP’s mission to revitalize and sustain the Near West Side as a thriving business and residential corridor, through collaborative efforts to promote economic development, improved housing, unified neighborhood identity and branding, and greater safety for residents and businesses. 

Example Roles and Responsibilities

PARC Research and Program Coordinator (2018-20)(2020-21) (2023-25) 

  • Data gathering and analysis, developing communication materials and supervising volunteers and student staff.
  • Responsible for building relationships with individuals and organizations within the near west side
  • Conducting research and implementation of the NWSP strategic plans
  • Supporting the efforts of grant writing and fund development.

Medical College of Wisconsin - Center for the Advancement of Women in Science and Medicine

Distinguished leader and innovator in the education and development of the next generation of physicians, scientists, pharmacists and health professionals; discovers and translates new knowledge in the biomedical and health sciences; providing cutting-edge, collaborative patient care of the highest quality; and improving the health of the communities served. Agency’s mission is to serve as a catalyst for positive change in the health of Wisconsin communities. The AHW Endowment will seek to generate this change by working closely with our many partners across the state. Learn more about Medical College of Wisconsin.

Example Roles and Responsibilities

Special Projects Coordinator (2020-22) at Center for the Advancement of Women in Science and Medicine

  • Work closely with the Center Director and Program Manager to further the Center’s strategic planning efforts.
  • Asset-map and evaluate past and existing programs. Collaborate on an internal communications strategy.
  • Create a storybook of women at MCW that illustrates their path in pursuing academic medicine.
  • Event planning.

Medical College of Wisconsin - Advancing a Healthier Wisconsin Endowment

Distinguished leader and innovator in the education and development of the next generation of physicians, scientists, pharmacists and health professionals; discovers and translates new knowledge in the biomedical and health sciences; providing cutting-edge, collaborative patient care of the highest quality; and improving the health of the communities served. Agency’s mission is to serve as a catalyst for positive change in the health of Wisconsin communities. The AHW Endowment will seek to generate this change by working closely with our many partners across the state. Learn more about Medical College of Wisconsin- Advancing a Healthier Wisconsin Endowment.

Example Roles and Responsibilities

Evaluation & Communications Associate (2017-19) at Advancing a Healthier Wisconsin Endowment 

  • Support the efforts to collect data and track the impact of the AHW and quality improvement efforts.
  • Prepare preliminary evaluation findings; Identify and track trend data on Wisconsin health.
  • Organize, compile, and assist in the analysis of AHW evaluation and project-level data.
  • Support communications strategy.

Medical College of Wisconsin - Kern National Network for Caring and Character in Medicine (KNN)

KNN is a national movement focused on integrating caring, character, practical wisdom and flourishing within the profession of medicine. Learn more about KNN.

Examples of Roles and Responsibilities

Digital Community Coordinator 

  • Promote and support expansion of KNN’s membership to engage stakeholders nationally across the healthcare ecosystem.
  • Develop and implement strategies for online community onboarding, engagement, and support.
  • Develop marketing and communications materials. 

Menomonee Valley Partners (MVP)

Agency mission is to ecologically and economically revitalize the Menomonee Valley for the benefit of the entire Milwaukee community. Learn more about Menomonee Valley Partners. 

Example Roles and Responsibilities

Communications & Fundraising Coordinator (2020-2022) (2018-20) 

  • Manage MVP’s social media presence.
  • Draft MVP’s e-newsletters, press releases, annual report, and other written materials.
  • Maintain website and database.
  • Assist with public outreach coordination.
  • Assist with business recruitment and retention efforts.
  • Research funding opportunities.
  • Develop grants calendar.
  • Coordinate pledge reminders, gift recognition, and end-of-year appeal to donors.
  • Event planning.

Marketing and Communications Coordinator (2016-17) (2014-16) (2012-14) 

  • Implement cross-marketing strategies and advance business resource and business recruitment programs.
  • Duties include newsletters, press releases, website management, public outreach coordination, assist with business recruitment, event planning and coordination, volunteer management, and research and development of agency marketing and promotion strategy.

Coordinator of Outreach and Stewardship (2010-12) 

Assist with agency collaborations, work with the Friends of the Hank Aaron State Trail to maintain and improve the trail, develop and implement ways for local community organizations and businesses to make use of the valley’s resources, particularly the parks and trails.

Stewardship Coordinator (2008-10)

  • Development, communications, and stewardship program assignments.
  • Assist with agency capital campaign and fund development; coordinate local university Service Learning – MVP projects; assist with the development of stewardship program and other MVP program coordination; communication; event planning.

Open Space Program Coordinator (2007-09) 

Public outreach; community organizing; community liaison; assist with fundraising; project planning; event planning; and coordination of project partners.

Mental Health America of Wisconsin

Meta House

Agency serves women with history of substance abuse, and provides advocacy, treatment, supported housing and other services. Learn more about Meta House.

Example Roles and Responsibilities

Volunteer and In-kind Gifts Coordinator (2013-15) (2011-13) 

Manage recruitment, placement, and recognition of volunteers; coordinate volunteers for special events; develop lists and secure in-kind donations from individuals, groups and corporate donors; cultivate relationship with supporters through outreach methods including tours, written articles and social media.

Public Relations and Advocacy Coordinator (2009-11) (2007-2009) 

Media relationships; newsletters; annual report; donor cultivation; update/develop marketing materials and website content; manage agency video project; manage Speaker’s Bureau; develop content/message of agency events; assist with public policy materials and legislative advocacy efforts, assist with grant writing.

Marketing/Public Outreach Coordinator (2005-07) (2003-05) 

Public relations; newsletters; annual report; news releases; donor cultivation; development/coordination of volunteer program.

Milwaukee Academy of Science

The mission of the Milwaukee Academy of Science, an exemplary leader in STEM education, is to graduate urban students prepared to compete successfully at the post-secondary level. Learn more about Milwaukee Academy of Science.

Example Roles and Responsibilities

Communication and Marketing Fellow 

  • Create, manage and execute annual communications and marketing plan.
  • Enhance brand development with stakeholders across the school community.
  • Construct, create, and design print and digital media plans to greater community.

Milwaukee Center for Independence

Agency mission is to assist individuals and families with special needs. Services include work and vocational training programs that lead to competitive employment. Learn more about Milwaukee Center for Independence.

Example Roles and Responsibilities

Family Partnership Coordinator (2015-17) (2012-14) 

Develop and implement strategies to increase family engagement in the MCFI children’s programs; serve as liaison to the Parent to Parent program; identify opportunities for collaboration between MCFI children’s programs; work with volunteers.

Foundations and Marketing Fellow (2009-11) 

Branding evaluation, implementation of new strategic plan, and various projects related to fund development and marketing.

Family Outreach Coordinator (2007-2009) 

Serve as a liaison between school and parents; attend monthly family-school meetings; assist with coordination and further development of recreational family/school activities; create/deliver newsletter that will inform, educate and involve families; assist with coordination of needs and assessments; assist with creation and implementation of a database for school’s collaborative and mentoring relationships

MCFI Fellow (2005-07) 

Research, analysis, and reporting for SEDA Program; grant research and writing; assist with curriculum training research and coordination.

Offices of Family Resources Fellow (2003-05) 

Assist with program support; research and development; program coordination

Milwaukee Christian Center

MCC is a social service and community development agency, located on Milwaukee’s near south side. Services include senior adults program, emergency food pantry, various youth programs, neighborhood improvement project, and first-time juvenile offender program. Learn more about Milwaukee Christian Center.

Example Roles and Responsibilities

Marketing and Social Media Coordinator (2014-16) 

Assist with development of an organization-wide communication strategy, focused on 4 key areas: social media; production of quarterly newsletter; website development; and support for marketing special events. Assist with special events and fundraisers.

Neighborhood Improvement Programs (NIP) Coordinator (2011-13) (2010-11) 

Assist with graffiti removal and wheelchair ramp and lift programs; assist with/coordinate agency collaborations; project–related research, design, estimates, plans for city approval; serve as Kinnickinnic River project liaison; help develop NIP volunteer program; fund development, board development.

Volunteer Coordinator and Special Events Assistant (2009) (2006-08) 

Develop and manage agency volunteer program (recruit, screen, match, coordinate, and track) and coordinate several annual special events.

Additional responsibilities for 2009: update volunteer brochure and handbook, develop and coordinate service learning volunteers, community presentations. This position transitioned to Neighborhood Improvement Program (NIP) Fellow in 2010.

Communications Coordinator, Volunteer Coordinator (2002-04) (2004-06) 

Public relations; event coordination; quarterly newsletters; annual report; brochure revision; assist with additional development initiatives; manage volunteer applications.

Milwaukee Community Justice Council

Working collaboratively to ensure a fair, efficient, and effective justice system that enhances public safety and quality of life in our community. Learn more about Milwaukee Community Justice Council.

Example Roles and Responsibilities

Racial Equity Coordinator (2021-2023)

  • Will provide leadership and staff support to advance strategies aimed at reducing racial and ethnic disparities in the criminal justice system. Focus on eliminating racialized outcomes that affect the populations housed within the current system. Facilitate community engagement and implement CJC Racial Equity Approach, including community dialogues, trainings and similar events.

Milwaukee County - Office of Equity (OOE)

OOE brings a higher level of leadership, expertise and accountability to advance the county’s strategic goals of creating intentional inclusion, bridging the gap and investing in equity to help fulfill this vision. It provides advice, guidance and technical assistance to county leaders, divisions, boards and commissions, and municipalities to analyze policies, programs and initiatives to advance a more equitable community. Learn more about OOE.

Example Roles and Responsibilities 

Human Rights and Advocacy Fellow (2023-25)

  • Identify, analyze, critique, and advocate for policy and systems change that will help the county achieve its health and racial equity goals.
  • Through supporting the Human Right’s Commission reestablish its goals and partnering with the research and advocacy manager to synthesize community-based research.
  • Create an advocacy platform to advise policy makers and the public on recommendations for changes in programs and laws for the benefit of all county residents and impacted communities. 

Milwaukee Excellence Charter School

Milwaukee Excellence is a 6th through 12th grade school serving 543 students in 6th - 10th grade. Is a tuition-free, public charter school approved by Milwaukee Public Schools, committed to putting all students on the path to college through rigorous curriculum that includes coding and computer science. The goal is 100% college acceptance for students. Learn more about Milwaukee Excellence.

Example Roles and Responsibilities

Student and Staff Services Coordinator (2021-23)

  • Responsible for facilitating and supporting key strategies and projects that service the students and staff in support of the school’s mission. Fellow will prepare students to excel within and graduate from four-year colleges and to pursue professions of their choice. Will cultivate partnerships to host student interns. Will host workshops to support college application completion and credit attainment. Works collaboratively with the Director of College Advising and the Senior Director of Talent. 

Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity

Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit homeownership ministry building simple, decent, affordable housing in partnership with people in need. Learn more about Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity.

Example Roles and Responsibilities

Homeowner Support Fellow (2019-21) 

  • Assist homeowners by ensuring successful homeownership through advocacy, homeowner engagement, and community awareness and development.
  • Establish relationships with homeowners; assist in creation of neighborhood governing body; assist with post-closing home visits, engagement projects, and events; respond to safety concerns by connecting homeowners to resources, manage and maintain homeowner database.

Milwaukee LGBT Community Center

The mission of the Milwaukee LGBT Community Center is to further develop our vibrant lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community in the greater Milwaukee area, thus improving the quality of life for all of us. The mission is supported by the Center’s leadership in community building, health promotion, advocacy, and communications. Learn more about the LGBT Community Center.

Examples of Roles and Responsibilities

Philanthropy Program Coordinator (2022-24)

Fellow will support programming, fundraising, and business operations. The fellow will research potential sponsors, write funding proposals, and create marketing and promotional materials for programs. 

Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD)

The Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD) is a regional government agency that provides water reclamation and flood management services for about 1.1 million people in 28 communities in the Greater Milwaukee Area. Learn more about MMSD. 

Example Roles and Responsibilities 

Public Engagement Associate (2023-25)

  • Analyze past outreach efforts for gaps. Develop a mapping system to visually show outreach efforts across 28 communities. Create an outreach plan to reach additional audiences and communities.
  • Plan and implement community events.
  • Support outreach, marketing, and social campaigns. 

Outreach Specialist (2021-23)

  • Fellow will assist with the facilitation of community and youth programs, recruiting participants, facilitating meetings, provide leadership training, participating in community events, planning enrichment activities, and guide youth led community service projects.

Milwaukee Public Library

MPL is an anchor institution that helps build healthy families and vibrant neighborhoods – the foundation of a strong Milwaukee. We help people read, learn, and connect. Learn more about Milwaukee Public Library.

Example Roles and Responsibilities

Education and Outreach Program Assistant (2019-21) (2017-19) (2019-21) (2021-22) (2022-24)

  • Recruiting and training “trainers” in a “train the trainer” model of outreach.
  • Administering and tallying surveys to measure outcomes.
  • Creating reports and sharing project success with MPL leadership, funders, and community.
  • Build relationships with schools and youth serving organizations to foster and maintain year-round collaboration between MPL and its partners in support of summer reading program.
  • Help coordinate the Milwaukee Public Library’s Summer Reading Outreach to schools and agencies. Assist in creation of program pieces, including literacy-based activities to support the delivery of high quality outreach service.

Milwaukee Public Schools Foundation

Milwaukee Riverkeeper

Our mission is to protect, improve and advocate for water quality, riparian wildlife habitat, and sound land management in the Milwaukee, Menomonee, and Kinnickinnic River watersheds. Learn more about Milwaukee Riverkeeper.

Example Roles and Responsibilities

Education & Outreach Coordinator (2019-21) (2017-19) (2022-24)

  • Develop and implement two different curriculums around Milwaukee Riverkeeper’s mission and projects: one for younger students and one for older students and community groups.
  • Create and implement strategies to promote our SWIM Guide app and Water Trail Map.
  • Development of interactive activities that Milwaukee Riverkeeper staff and volunteers can use at community events.
  • Create new partnerships with local schools and community groups.
  • Organize public education events.

Milwaukee Succeeds

Milwaukee Succeeds is building a new approach to education through collective impact. We believe that every sector has a role to play in educating our children, and that through collaboration and a focus on data-driven continuous improvement, we can and will do better. We advance Strive's four principles of collective impact: shared community vision, evidence-based decision making, collaborate action, and investment and sustainability. Learn more about Milwaukee Succeeds. 

Example Roles and Responsibilities

High School Success Project Coordinator (2021-23)

  • Fellow will work closely with Milwaukee Succeeds staff, network, partners, and local subject matter experts on organizing and deploying pilot projects, measuring impact, and developing strategies with local institutions and organization to improve the success of Black male youth and the opportunities available to them.


Milwaukee Teacher Education Center

Milwaukee Youth Arts Center

Building a vibrant future for our youth and community through education and involvement in the performing arts by establishing an environment in which young people and adults can be inspired by each other’s work and creativity. Learn more about Milwaukee Youth Arts Center.

Example Roles and Responsibilities

Special Projects Coordinator (2018-20) 

  • Develop marketing and development functions while building organizational capacity.
  • Manage rental initiative research, outreach and policy creation.
  • Lead youth engagement initiative fostering youth voice within the organization.
  • Provide support to fundraising efforts and record keeping.
  • Update website and provide social media plan.
  • Attend, present on some items, and take minutes at board meetings.

Communications Manager (2014-16) 

Work on a variety of strategic communications, public relations, and branding initiatives, including: manage website; manage social media; create and distribute quarterly newsletter; media relations; develop communications, marketing and public relations plans for MYAC events; measure analytics.

Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra (MYSO)

MYSO empowers young people from diverse backgrounds to joyfully pursue musical excellence while building crucial life skills. Learn more about MYSO.

Example Roles and Responsibilities

Marketing Manager (2022-24)

 Develop and refine business skills essential to the successful management of MYSO. Website marketing – refresh content and improve navigation. Help install online ticketing platform. Develop social media marketing strategies, content development for Facebook and Instagram. Quarterly newsletter and storytelling duties.   

Development and Marketing Manager (2019-21) 

  • Assist with the creation and implementation of the Development Plan that incorporates a range of strategies including annual appeals, major donors, grants, corporate and individual appeals, social media, and special events.
  • Responsible for data cleanup and maintenance, grant research and reporting, maintaining the communication calendar, producing an alumni e-newsletter, and updating website and social media outlets.

Finance and Administration Manager (2016-18) 

  • Assist in the execution of finance and accounting functions.
  • Develop resume screening, interview and negotiating skills.
  • Assist in insuring compliance with all federal and state laws.
  • Analyze upcoming implementation of the Affordable Care Act and its impact to MYSO.
  • Suggest cost-saving measures while maintaining the integrity and substance of MYSO benefits.
  • Gather information, analyze, evaluate and suggest improvements for trends in MYSO operations.
  • Attend committee and full meetings of the MYSO Board of Directors and Senior Management.

Neighborhood House

Agency was founded in the settlement house tradition, and offers a wide variety of social, educational, and recreational programs for individuals from infancy through older adulthood. Learn more about Neighborhood House.

Example Roles and Responsibilities

International Learning Center - Program Assistant (2013-14) 

Assist with database management, data analysis, reports; monitor grant calendar, assist with grant compliance and fundraising efforts; plan and lead workshops; research and develop community resource materials, build relationships and partnerships with surrounding businesses, organizations, nonprofits to support ILC and refugee students.

Volunteer Coordinator (2011-13) 

Volunteer orientations and trainings; recruitment, placement, and coordination; maintain volunteer resources and data collection; coordinate volunteer appreciation; fundraise for volunteer support. Other responsibilities to be assigned based on Fellow’s learning goals and skill set.

Marketing and Communications Fellow (2013-14) 

Grant research, proposal writing, gift and donation processing, data management, reporting and other communications projects, and various outreach activities.

Development Assistant (2008-10) 

Fund development, grant writing, organizing grants process and calendar; assist with maximizing fundraising database system and development of annual fundraising plan. Additional duties may include: write, edit, and develop marketing materials such as newsletters, brochures; assist with special events planning and execution; assist with capital campaign.

Next Door

Next Door provides early childhood education in Milwaukee, helping children and families build a brighter future filled with opportunity and success. Learn more about Next Door.

Example Roles and Responsibilities

Program Coordinator

  • Next Door Early Literacy Fellows Supports the success of Next Door’s Early Literacy Fellows and will facilitate successful implementation of the program.
  • Serves as a liaison between ND’s programming, relevant Marquette University departments and the work of the Fellows.
  • Track and ensure all Fellows receive specified training in early literacy.
  • Work with Fellows and ND staff to resolve issues that may arise.
  • Schedule and conduct regular Fellows’ cohort meetings.

Nonprofit Center of Milwaukee

Nonprofit Center of Milwaukee is a catalyst promoting the interests and enhancing the effectiveness of the nonprofit sector in southeast Wisconsin.

Example Roles and Responsibilities

Nonprofit Resources Coordinator (2016-18) 

  • Assisting with the potential merger of NPC and the Wisconsin Nonprofit Association, office administrative duties, assisting with workshops and trainings held at the NPC.
  • Contact facilitators for workshops in Ozaukee and Waukesha.
  • Project lead for a curriculum redesign project, and will be organizing meetings and recruiting experts for their input.

PEAK Iniaitive 

PEAK's mission is to bring out the limitless potential in young leaders through extraordinary experiences and nurturing relationships.

Example Roles and Responsibilities 

Marketing and Program Specialist (2023-25)

  • Support the roll out of the program evaluation.

  • Refreshing organizational brand, design, and marketing elements to create lasting impression.

  • Support the development of an intentional Family Engagement Program.

  • Aid in data management to better analyze stakeholder impact.

Planning Council for Health and Human Services

 This nonprofit is no longer operational.

River Revitalization Foundation

The mission of the River Revitalization Foundation is to establish a parkway for public access, walkways, recreation and education, bordering the Milwaukee, Menomonee and Kinnickinnic rivers; to use the rivers to revitalize surrounding neighborhoods; and to improve water quality. Learn more about River Revitalization Foundation.

Example Roles and Responsibilities

Outreach Coordinator (2017-19) 

  • Assist in planning outreach and marketing strategies.
  • Manage constituent relationship management database, tracking engagement with volunteers and supporters.
  • Manage social media channels assuring quality of content, maintain the editorial calendar, and generate statistical reports.
  • Assist with outreach to community and neighborhood groups.
  • Help recruit and coordinate volunteer activities.
  • Assist with event planning and logistics.

Rosalie Manor (now integrated with Pathfinders)

 Learn more about Rosalie Manor (now integrated with Pathfinders)

Safe & Sound

Safe & Sound’s mission is to unite residents, youth, law enforcement and community resources to build safe and empowered neighborhoods. Learn more about Safe & Sound

Example Roles and Responsibilities

Public Policy Analyst (2019-21) 

  • Conduct policy research, analysis, and lead in-house and public education efforts to support/build a policy platform.
  • Host workshops with residents and youth to define topics of importance to them.
  • Track and summarize policies impacting public safety in Milwaukee.

Data/Program Coordinator (2018-20) 

  • Offer database, Tableau, and evaluation support.
  • Use available data to develop and refine output measures for evaluation purposes, and to tell the stories of Safe & Sound’s work.
  • Asset-map Safe & Sound's 11 neighborhoods.
  • Create curriculum/training modules and documents that describe programs to be used by development team.


SaintA provides innovative family-centered care and educational services that embrace diversity and empower children, families, and adults to improve the quality of their lives. We are a dynamic provider advancing foster care, education and mental health services. Learn more about SaintA (formerly St. Aemilian-Lakeside).

Example Roles and Responsibilities

Advocacy Fellows (2020-22) 

Conducting research and writing issue briefs, co-facilitating partner meetings, develop “advocacy page” on website, develop issue experts who can be media trained or participate in advocacy events, monitor legislative issues of importance to SaintA, and support voter engagement efforts.

Content Marketing Fellow (2018-20) 

Will be a part of the Marketing and Communication team, contributing to agency-wide marketing strategy. Includes planning, organizing, implementing and supporting internal and external communications, such as newsletters, stories for web, social media, and media releases. Contribute to brand building and development.


Quality Improvement Specialist (2013-15) 

Work with and report to Director of Quality Improvement. Implement the program satisfaction survey process, conduct in-depth data analysis, conduct special projects as assigned around Trauma Informed Care, and work with various agency compliance projects.


Fund Development and Special Events Assistant (2008-09) (2006-08) 

Conduct grant proposal research to identify new sources of funding for existing programs and new initiatives; special event coordination; community outreach; assist with marketing efforts and research.

St. Augustine Preparatory Academy

St. Augustine Preparatory Academy is a K4-12 non-denominational Christian school located on Milwaukee’s south side. The school is a student-centered environment where young learners take ownership of their education not only in academics, but also physical health, creativity, and faith. Learn more about St. Augustine Preparatory Academy.

Example Roles and Responsibilities

Community Outreach and Communications Manager (2018-20) 

  • Works with school administration to design a strategy that serves families and the community.
  • Includes planning programming for family members. 
  • The manager will reach out to other Milwaukee nonprofits and businesses that specialize in these areas to help bring their programs to our families.
  • The manager will develop communication methods with families for these programs in addition to school updates.

St. Camillus

St. Camillus provides services to the poor, the sick and the elderly with a sense of compassion and love. Learn more about St. Camillus.

Example Roles and Responsibilities

Community Research and Program Development Fellow 

  • Design a research study to uncover the unmet needs of seniors in a five mile radius around St. Camillus. Compile, summarize and pull out themes from the information gathered. Present findings about gaps that exist or barriers for seniors to key leaders at St. Camillus and partners.
  • Work collaboratively with the key leaders at St. Camillus to develop concepts and programs that could help the underserved seniors. 

St. Joan Antida High School

St. Joan Antida High School is a Catholic high school, sponsored by the Sisters of Charity of St. Joan Antida, which serves a culturally and economically diverse student population, shaping and challenging the minds of today's young women. Learn more about St. Joan Antida High School.

Example Roles and Responsibilities 

Admission and Enrollment Specialist (2018-20) (2016-18) 

Assist with: all aspects of admissions and recruitment process; manage social media, correspondence; manage student events; advertising and marketing; increase quality of promotions and admission strategies; monitor K-8 and middle school constituents.

Teacher and Campus Ministry Fellow (2012-14) 

Teach theology classes, assist the Coordinator of Student and School Culture with special projects, and assist with Campus Ministry.

St. Joseph Academy

St. Joseph Academy is sponsored by the Felician Sisters, an organization that has been in Milwaukee for nearly 140 years. Their vision is to be the premier early childhood education center and K4-5th grade elementary school on Milwaukee’s south side. Learn more about St. Joseph Academy.

Example Roles and Responsibilities

Trinity Fellow (2016-17) 

Assist the development manager in four main areas: policy development, grant research and development, community issues and resources, and program execution.

St. Rose Youth and Family Center

SET Ministry

Community-based health and human services agency that supports socially and economically disadvantaged people set and achieve goals that promote self-sufficiency and improve their lives. The program approach integrates the physical, psychological, social and spiritual aspects of each individual. This nonprofit is no longer operational.

Example Roles and Responsibilities

Early Childhood Community Engagement Manager (2013-15) 

  • As a part of its trauma-informed, group-based work with families, SET will implement a curriculum known as Families and Schools Together (FAST).
  • Fellow’s role is to coordinate the Parent Engagement Peer Group Program (PEPG), according to FAST model requirements. coordinate the PEPG program within two Milwaukee schools; assist in the development, recruitment and retention of a multi-disciplinary advisory team for each school site; conduct outreach and engagement in collaboration with each school’s team; coordinate program logistics; collect evaluation data.

Director, Program Supportive Services (2009-11) 

Plan and implement systems to energize and streamline existing programs.

Seton Catholic Schools

Seton Catholic Schools is a collaborative network of Archdiocese of Milwaukee Catholic elementary schools providing the highest caliber academic and spiritual formation programs for all students. Learn more about Seton Catholic Schools.

Example Roles and Responsibilities 

Social Service Program Analyst (2016-18) 

  • Analyze current state of social services across network schools, involving meeting with social workers, school counselors, psychologists, and principals.
  • Research best practices in urban schools for providing social services.
  • Develop recommendations and, working with Seton leadership, develop plan for proceeding.

SHARP Literacy, Inc.

SHARP partners with educators to foster a love of learning and brighten children’s futures through innovative STEAM-based experiential programs. Learn more about SHARP Literacy.

Example Roles and Responsibilities

Education Analyst (2021-23)

  • Assist in securing additional revenue streams and expand outreach to students outside existing partnerships and school districts. Help streamline processes within the educational department and maintain communication with key stakeholders. Assist in creating professional development trainings, program evaluation and assessments, and lesson planning and curriculum development.

Silver Spring Neighborhood Center

 Learn more about Silver Spring Neighborhood Center.

Sixteenth Street Community Health Center

Sixteenth Street’s mission is to improve the health and well-being of Milwaukee and surrounding communities, by providing quality, patient-centered, family-based health care, health education and social services, free from linguistic, cultural and economic barriers. Learn more about Sixteenth Street Community Health Center.

Example Roles and Responsibilities

Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) Program Coordinator (2023-25)

  • Establish and maintain formal relationships with colleges, universities, and community organizations to provide opportunities for internships.
  • Coordinate the delivery of necessary training and onboarding of interns and volunteers. Supervise interns and volunteers.
  • Create and monitor reports on program outputs.
  • Provide strategic input on process improvement and program expansion. 

Social Services Volunteer and Intern Coordinator (2019-21) 

  • Develop and supervise an internship/volunteer program for Health-Universal Screening project by establishing relationships with local colleges and universities.
  • Interview, recruit, supervise, and coach interns and volunteers.
  • Create reports and dashboards to monitor productivity.

Sojourner Family Peace Center

Learn more about Sojourner Family Peace Center.

The Ability Center

The Ability Center's mission is to provide people impacted by disabilities with a daily opportunity to be fit, active, healthy, and to play. The organization's goal is to provide a higher quality of life for people of all abilities by transforming greater Milwaukee into the most universally inclusive recreation destination in the world. Learn more about The Ability Center.

Example Roles and Responsibilities

Partnership Director (2021-23)

  • Will work closely with executive staff of existing programmatic pillars RampUp, Open Gym, and ASAP to research, create and implement increased and sustainable revenue streams.  Duties will focus on research, program design and implementation, marketing and communications, fundraising & partnership development and nonprofit administration.

TransCenter for Youth

Agency provides high quality educational programs that allow “at risk” youth to become productive adults and responsible community members. Learn more about TransCenter for Youth.

Example Roles and Responsibilities

Coach Coordinator and Assistant to Public Achievement Site Coordinators (2002-04) (2000-02)

Assistant Educational Advisor and Public Achievement Coach for Cities Project High School (2005-07) 

Assist, coordinate, sustain and evaluate PA program; train coaches; community outreach; develop and coordinate service learning program; coach student PA and academic projects, assist with grant writing; reporting.

Urban Economic Development Association  (UEDA)

UEDA facilitates effective cross-sector collaboration and strengthens individual and organizational capacity in Wisconsin’s community and economic development sector. Learn more about UEDA.

Example Roles and Responsibilities

Communications and Events Coordinator (2021-23) (2023-25)

  •  Develops consistent, informative external communications that results in increased support and engagement with UEDA’s events and programs.
  • Cultivates relationships and provides support to membership and program activities.
  • Assists with event coordination.  

United Community Center

Agency serves Hispanics and near south side residents of all ages; programs are in the areas of education, cultural arts, recreation, community development, and health and human services. Learn more about United Community Center.

Example Roles and Responsibilities

Volunteer Projects Liaison (2011-12) (2013-15) 

  • Help recruit, place, train, and supervise volunteers for school, after school, and Summer Bridge Program, and will assist with research and development of volunteer opportunities.
  • Develop job descriptions, training materials, and volunteer follow-up mechanisms; coordinate with teachers who work with volunteers.
  • Assist with program assessment and Summer Bridge Program curriculum development.
  • Act as lead on Abriendo Puertos program; participate in Community Relations and Marketing department strategic planning meetings; coordinate, build relationships with partner schools, corporations and other potential volunteers.

Volunteer Coordinator (2005-07) 

  • Plan, design, and coordinate a volunteer program to obtain help from outside companies and agencies with events and programs at UCC.
  • Work includes: recruitment, interviewing, training and supervising volunteers; management of major annual volunteer events.

United Neighborhood Centers of Milwaukee (UNCOM)

The agency mission is to strengthen city neighborhoods by combining and enhancing the assets of partner agencies to improve the quality of life for urban families. Partner agencies are Agape Community Center, COA Youth and Family Centers, Journey House, Milwaukee Christian Center, Neighborhood House, Next Door Foundation, Northcott Neighborhood House, and Silver Spring Neighborhood Center. Learn more about United Neighborhood Centers of Milwaukee (UNCOM).

Example Roles and Responsibilities

Coordinator, Special Projects (2017-19) (2015-17) 

  • Support UNCOM by implementing effective strategies related to programs and promotion of the organization.
  • This position will assist program staff in the areas of administration, operations, programs & services and will help build organizational capacity for UNCOM and its key projects

Program Support Specialist (2011-13) 

  • Work with agency staff in the areas of administration, operations, programs, and services.
  • Assist with needs assessments; prepare, develop, and execute work plans; support issue-related affinity teams; support outreach and networking activities; coordinate and attend meetings and provide feedback on project progress; assist with reports, grants and other communication materials; assist with volunteer management; collect and analyze data.

United Methodist Children’s Service of WI, Inc.

Provides supportive services and housing to the residents of the Washington Park neighborhood for more than 30 years. Learn more about United Methodist Children's Service of WI.

Example Roles and Responsibilities 

Supportive Housing Associate (2021-23)

  • Key tasks include resident relations and community building, resource referrals and information campaigns, neighborhood outreach, marketing and leasing, administrative support for prospective housing applicants, tax credit compliance review and income verification, fundraising and grant writing, housing related accounting assistance, volunteer group coordination and liaison with community partners and government housing agencies.

Urban Ecology Center

UEC Environmental Community Centers: provide outdoor science education for urban youth; protect and use public natural areas, making them safe, accessible and vibrant; preserve and enhance these natural areas and their surrounding waters; promote community by offering resources that support learning, recreation, stewardship and camaraderie. Learn more about Urban Ecology Center.

Example Roles and Responsibilities

Volunteer Coordinator, Riverside Park (2019-21) (2017-19) (2019-21) (2021-22) (2023-2025)

  • Recruit and orient volunteers to the Urban Ecology Center.
  • Promote volunteerism at the Urban Ecology Center to the wider community.
  • Recruit and engage high school students in volunteer opportunities.
  • Ensure data collection of volunteer involvement is captured in the volunteer database and provide regular reports to the Volunteer Program Manager.
  • Work with the Volunteer Program Manger to provide new staff training, and complete projects as part of our strategic Service Enterprise Initiative and certification process.

Development and Marketing Associate (2013-15) (2011-13)

Marketing Communications Associate (2009-11) 

Web-based event management system; develops internal and external communications; develops and implements membership growth plan; and conducts various media, marketing, and event coordination projects.

Arboretum Project Coordinator (2012-13) 

Coordinate the Milwaukee Rotary Centennial Arboretum project, scheduled to open in September 2013. manage scheduling of critical path timeline; coordinate and assist with fundraising efforts; keep records and prepare project documents; coordinate meetings associated with the project, complete periodic progress reports and coordinate preparation of other communications materials related to the project; manage volunteers; support real estate, construction, and design team efforts.

UW-Extention Madison

Extension’s mission is to connect people with the University of Wisconsin. We teach, learn, lead and serve, transforming lives and communities. Learn more about UW-Madison Extention. 

Examples of Roles and Responsibilties

Career and Reentry Educator (2023-25)

Vision Forward

Agency provides services for the blind and visually impaired, including: recreation, housing, retail, job skills training, rehabilitation services, information dissemination, volunteerism & advocacy/legislative services. Learn more about Vision Forward.

Example Roles and Responsibilities

Program Development Director (2009-11) (2005-07) (2003-05) 

Program development; outreach; marketing; budgeting; communications; marketing; work with business plans; development of new collaborations; advocacy research; assist with annual report, brochures, and mailings. Focus for 2009-11: assist with agency merger, assist with capital campaign and grant writing.

New Programs Director (2006-08) 

Assist with the development and implementation of employment and children’s programming.

Communications Director (2006-07) (2001-03) 

Duties similar to Program Development Director, above, and include assisting with development of speaker’s bureau. Communications Coordinator (2008-10)

Report to marketing director; implement agency marketing efforts, develop new communication initiatives; assist with grants and fundraising activities and speaker’s bureau.

Walnut Way Conservation Corp

Learn more about Walnut Way Conservation Corp.

Wisconsin Humane Society

Learn more about Wisconsin Humane Society.

Wisconsin Regional Training Partnership (WRTP/BIG STEP)

Agency mission is to enhance the ability of private sector organizations to recruit and develop a more diverse, qualified workforce in construction, manufacturing and emerging sectors of the regional economy. Learn more about Wisconsin Regional Training Partnership (WRTP/BIG STEP).

Example Roles and Responsibilities

Policy and Research Fellow (2021-23)

  • Assist in developing industry needs assessments, identifying the necessary skills-based curriculum options for skills training, and process mapping how WRTP/BIG STEP can build pipeline opportunities for Milwaukee’s underserved populations to career opportunities at no cost to the individual and with post-employment support services. Fellows research will inform programming, community partnerships, education training, and in-demand career pathways.

Development and Communications Specialist (2017-19) (2015-17) 

  • Work within Development, Planning and Communications department to support development strategies, event planning and internal/external communication efforts. Grant research projects, reports to funders, grant award summaries, grant tracking and reporting.

YWCA of Southeast Wisconsin

YWCA Southeast Wisconsin’s commitment is to lasting, meaningful change.  Our programs and services – from advancing resources for women and their families to eliminating barriers that perpetuate racial injustice – are woven together through focus areas shared by YWCA’s nationwide: racial justice, economic empowerment, and health & safety. Learn more about YWCA of Southeast Wisconsin.

Example Roles and Responsibilities

Advocacy and Outreach Fellow

  • Fellow will be a key partner in the development of the YWCA SEW’s advocacy and outreach plan to engage elected officials, policymakers, grassroots organizations and ally advocates as it relates to YWCA’s health, economic, safety, racial and gender justice priorities at the state and local level. Through research and relationship building, will support building strong external and internal communication, information sharing and creative storytelling to address organizational and systems level change.

Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council (WSBC)

The Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council’s (WSBC) mission is to advance sustainable principles and practices forward through the power of business. Learn more about Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council (WSBC).

Example Roles and Responsibilities

Operations and Member Coordinator (2020-22) 

  • Support the structure development and growth of the organization.
  • Work closely with the managing director to launch and grow the new membership program.
  • Develop and document the systems needed to manage membership, including recruitment, onboarding, and marketing.
  • Support overall operations of WSBC, which include marketing and communications, event design and implementation, and program support.

Zilber Family Foundation

The Zilber Family Foundation supports nonprofit organizations to address basic human needs and help ensure personal safety; increase access to social and economic opportunity; and improve the quality of life in city neighborhoods. Learn more about Zilber Family Foundation.

Example Roles and Responsibilities

Grants and Learning Associate (2020-22) 

  • Supporting the Foundation staff in grants administration, monitoring, and measuring progress towards its strategic plan.
  • Support the Foundation’s efforts to monitor grantee progress and performance, collect data and knowledge, and conduct analysis to inform strategic decision making.
  • Collaborate with grants management staff to ensure grantees are submitting reliable and useful performance data that can produce actionable insights.

Community Engagement Specialist (2018-20) (2016-18) (2014-16) (2012-14) 

  • Conduct a range of communications and special projects in service to the organization and its community partners, and will assist with enhancing internal and external communication capabilities.
  • Develop narratives that raise community awareness of ZNI partner impact; produce content for website and other electronic media; assist with program materials and reports, including organizational templates, board reports, and press releases. Provide support to agency partner and other program-related events.

Program Analyst (2009-11) 

  • Research programs and best practices in a wide range of issue areas, prepare briefing papers for foundation staff and funded organizations, initiate and manage special projects of interest to funded organizations to assist them in accomplishing community plans.
  • Help identify ways in which the foundation can be of better service to its constituents.