Host Organization Application

Trinity Fellows Host Organization Application Instructions

Thank you for your interest in applying to host a Trinity Fellow! We look forward to reviewing your application. Host Organization Applications for the 2024-26 cohort are due February 19, 2024. 

Below are instructions for the organization application for the 2024-26 cohort and how to submit it electronically. We invite you to reach out to us if you need assistance during any portion of this process. We look forward to reviewing your materials!   

STEP ONE: Complete the Trinity Fellows Organization Worksheet 

Use the worksheet to prepare your online application, which will cover the following sections.   

  • Part 1: Contact Information 
  • Part 2: Basic Requirements & Considerations 

Tip: Be sure to save this worksheet for your future reference. 

STEP TWO: Write Written Responses via Worksheet

Provide written responses to the following sections and save as a PDF file.  

  • Part 3: Organization Overview 
  • Part 4: Job Description 
  • Part 5: Additional Information 

Tip: You’re encouraged to copy content directly from the worksheet for your convenience. 

STEP THREE: Gather Supporting Documents 

Identify what supporting documents you’d like to upload for Part 6 and save as PDF or JPEG file(s) 

  • Part 6: Supporting Documents 

Tip: A list of examples of supporting documents can be found on Pg. 5 of worksheet.

STEP FOUR: Use this Link to:  

  • Enter your Contact Information and Basic Requirements & Considerations (Parts 1-2), 
  • Upload your written responses in PDF form of the Organization Overview, Job Description and Additional Information (Parts 3-5), and  
  • Upload all other Supporting Documents in specified formats (Parts 6)

Questions? Contact Natalie Reinbold, Director, at, 414-288-0637.