History Profiles

Meet the History graduate alumni. Read below to learn about their education experience and service as a Trinity Fellow at Marquette University. 

Jeremy Ault

Trinity Fellow Class of 2013
Graduate Program: History
Undergraduate Degree, Institution: B.A. History, Waynesburg University
Trinity Nonprofit Agency: Adult Learning Center

More about Jeremy

Full-time Service Experience, Years Served, Location:
I served as an Americorps VISTA volunteer in Erie, Pennsylvania from 2010-2011. I worked at a small community development organization known as the Urban Erie Community Development Corporation (UECDC). While there, I wrote all of the organizations grants, planned and implemented an after school program for refugee and immigrant youth (predominately from various African countries), organized a city-wide event for the Tuskegee Airmen, and founded an agricultural/aquaponics program.

Prior to my Americorps service, I worked as a community organizer and pastoral assistant for the Czech Evangelical Brethren Church in Policka, Czech Republic. While there, I organized community English classes, planned summer programs for youth, and organized two week-long summer camps that attracted over 100 Czech youth.

Trinity Fellowship Experience:
As the Transition Specialist for the Adult Learning Center, I was responsible for communicating with ALC partners, providing lessons and workshops on soft-skills development (resume, interviewing, etc), managing volunteer data and recruitment, writing the quarterly newsletter, developing life-skills, taking notes during organizational board meetings, and doing general administrative work within the organization.

My academic existence was in the history department, where I majored in Global Studies. My classes were very rigorous and extremely thought-provoking. I found the professors in the department to be personable, nurturing, and experts not only in their field of research, but in teaching. Historical studies, at least for me, aligned very well with my Trinity experience. I was challenged to question and explore the historical influences of global and societal poverty. Along with critical thinking skills, the history department further developed my writing, which I used effectively at my nonprofit placement!

Outside of both work and academia, I was able to develop community in the Milwaukee arts and music scene. As my two years progressed, I often found myself socializing and going to concerts, art shows, and museums. I also began volunteering at the Urban Ecology Center, fixing their bikes. I’ve had plenty of time to go hiking, birding, and cycling. The location of Marquette and the friends that I have made in Trinity have coalesced to produce a wonderful experience, one that has exceeded even my highest of expectations.

Current Position:
Special Education Teacher - Rocketship Academy/Teach for America Corps Member