About the Program

The Trinity Fellows program of Marquette University was created in keeping with an ideal central to the university's mission — the promotion of justice and faith through service — to develop urban leaders with a commitment to social and economic justice.

The program is intended for committed individuals who care about the well-being of others, about issues of social and economic justice, and who wish to acquire experience in the urban nonprofit sector while studying for two years toward a Master's degree. 

More information is available below or you can download the Student Fact Sheet and Organization Fact Sheet. 

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Fields of Study

Fellows participate in a 21-month study/work program while earning a master's degree in one of the following fields of study:



International Affairs

Philosophy - applies to M.A. in Social and Applied Philosophy

Political Science

Public Service 

Theology – applies to the M.A. in Theology

Community Placement Organizations

Fellows are matched with a community organization for the duration of their fellowship. Fellows work 18 hours per week during the academic year and 40 hours per week during the summer between academic years. This is a meaningful, professional work experience, where Fellows build capacity, manage projects and deepen their understanding of social justice while embedded in the community.  Learn more about community-based placements here.

Program Eligibility, Requirements and Benefits

Admission & Eligibility Requirements 


Qualified applicants must be accepted to their chosen Marquette Graduate School or Graduate School of Management program. See apply page for additional details.

Commitment to Service & Leadership

Completion of the Peace CorpsAmeriCorpsJesuit Volunteer CorpsLutheran Volunteer CorpsTeach for America, or other comparable full-time service commitment is also required OR 2+ years of full-time employment with a nonprofit organization.

  • Applicants may apply while still active in full-time service or work, as long as the service commitment is completed by the time the fellowship term begins.
  • There is no limit between close of service and application to the Trinity Fellows Program.


To be eligible for the Trinity Fellows Program, applicants must be a U.S. citizen, Permanent Resident, or DACA recipient of the United States.

Program Requirements 

Fellows complete their master's programs in two years, taking approximately nine credits per semester while maintaining a 3.0 average GPA and working in their community-based placement. They also take nine elective credits in the following urban issues courses: Nonprofit Organizations, The Nature of Cities, and Social Justice/Social Activism. In addition, Fellows attend monthly reflections focused on personal and professional development.

Fellowship Benefits 

Up to 12 fellowships will be awarded for the upcoming term. Each fellowship includes:

  • Full-tuition scholarship
  • A living stipend totaling $37,065, paid in bi-weekly payments of $788.62 (gross)
  • Professional development funds amounting to $400 per academic year.
  • Interdisciplinary cohort 
  • Access to many additional benefits and perks throughout Milwaukee

Fellowship Fees 

Each fellow contributes a participation fee of $625 per semester. The total student participation fee amounts to $2,500 in total. A fellow's contribution may come from an AmeriCorps education voucher, a Peace Corps readjustment allowance, or similar grant.