Arab and Muslim American Studies Minor

The Arab and Muslim American Studies minor leads students to a deeper understanding of history, culture, and contemporary issues. As an integral part of our race and ethnic studies curriculum, it empowers you to become a well-informed global citizen and a catalyst for positive change.

Dive into a Diverse Curriculum

Our core courses cover an array of thought-provoking themes, from the history of immigration to issues like racism, discrimination, and media representations. You'll explore the intersections of gender and sexuality, the impact of national security policies, and the broader context of war and violence – all while gaining an in-depth understanding of Islam as a faith and the cultural contributions of Arab and Muslim Americans.

Electives Tailored to Your Interests

We give you the freedom to choose elective courses that align with your passion and interests. Want to examine Arab and Muslim American experiences from a comparative racial perspective? Interested in delving into the origins and policies guiding migration? Or perhaps you're eager to learn the Arabic language? Your education, your choices.

Real-World Immersion

Our J-session course is a unique opportunity to experience the vibrant Arab and Muslim American community in the heart of Detroit, home to one of the largest concentrations of mosques and Muslims in the U.S. This hands-on experience will open your eyes to the real-life impact of the issues you study.

Global Citizenship

We are committed to fostering a spirit of curiosity and a thirst for knowledge in our students. Our interdisciplinary approach prepares you to be a true global citizen, ready to make a positive difference in the world.

For a complete listing of required courses for the program in Arab and Muslim American Studies, please visit the Marquette University Online Bulletin at this link.