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Dr. Heidi  Bostic Dr. Heidi Bostic Dean, College of Arts & Sciences and Professor of French (414) 288-7230
Dr. Heather  Hathaway Dr. Heather Hathaway Interim Department Chair of Theology, Associate Dean for Faculty and Graduate Affairs (414) 288-3478
Ms. Megan  Blanchette Ms. Megan Blanchette Director of Student Records (414) 288-3234
Dr. Edward  Blumenthal Dr. Edward Blumenthal Associate Dean for Research and Co-Director of the NMDSI (414) 288-6270
Kirsten  Boeh Kirsten Boeh Communications Coordinator (414) 288-6989
Dr. Joshua Ezra  Burns Dr. Joshua Ezra Burns Associate Dean for Academic Affairs (414) 288-6776
Ms. Patricia  Colloton Ms. Patricia Colloton Academic Business Affairs and Grants Management Specialist (414) 288-5187
Ms. Mary  Dunnwald Ms. Mary Dunnwald Associate Dean for Academic Business Affairs (414) 288-7472
Mrs. Julia  Farley Mrs. Julia Farley Academic Advisor/Pre-health Professions Advisor (414) 288-5989
Mr. John  Fenelon Mr. John Fenelon Academic Advisor (414) 288-5620
Ms. Luciana  Fitzgerald Ms. Luciana Fitzgerald Assistant Director of Student Records (414) 288-5316
Mr. Freddie  Gonzales Mr. Freddie Gonzales Academic Advisor (414) 288-5989
Ms. Cara  Hoppe Ms. Cara Hoppe Academic Advisor (414) 288-5989
Dr. Andrew  Kunz Dr. Andrew Kunz Associate Dean for Admissions, Retention and Experiential Learning (414) 288-3031
Mrs. Monica  Lloyd Mrs. Monica Lloyd Academic Advisor (414) 288-5989
Mrs. Mary  Minson Mrs. Mary Minson Senior Assistant Dean of Advising (414) 288-5989
Mr. Michael  O'Brien Mr. Michael O'Brien Academic Advisor (414) 288-5989
Ms. Kim  Patterson Ms. Kim Patterson Executive Assistant to the Dean (414) 288-7230