The Autism Consortium is a group of faculty, students, staff, alumni, and community members that support the initiative and guide autism awareness and acceptance outreach efforts. The Consortium plans annual autism panels, talks, film screenings, information tables/sessions, and the Day of Mourning. The Consortium also serves as a communication pathway between the community and the Autism Initiative. Interested? Email us for information about joining the consortium

Director: TBD

Faculty members

Staff members

Mary Janz, executive director of housing and residence life
Rev. John Schwantes, S.J., Chaplain

Graduate/Undergraduate student members

Kathleen Covert | Piyush Saxena | Bridget Dolan | Alana McVey | Alex Barrington | Liz Jilek | Alexis Arias | Olivier van Hauwermeiren | Deanna Windorff | Cailie McLean | Amanda Ramirez | Emily Hibbard | Haley Lynam | Megan Holbach | Sheila Connelly | Nicole Kelly | Lauren Brown | Kayli    Austin | Kasey Mochel | Katie Christianson | Cecilia Luxem | Kaya Pudlo | Angie Haendel | Ellie Kalgren | Alex Groth | Megan Barthenheier | Rachel Hafner | Britney Roman

Student Groups
Marquette Students for Autism Advocacy: Margaret Best


Rebecca Drysdale-Jackson | Sheila & Chris O'Connell | Sarah & Joe Rock | Morgan Ludington | Daniel Cibich | Kylie Nelsen-Freund | Annie Lisowski | Dana Fernandez | Ileana Hernandez | Olivia Letter | Megan Jacobson | Lauren Carufel-Wert | Javier Mora | Heidi Rasmussen | Chris Chan

Community members

Jennifer Sweeney | Daniel Peoples | Megan Wolf | Mark Blankenheim | Marcy Hunter

Past Events

The Marquette Autism Consortium participated in the Day of Mourning on Thursday, March 1st, at 7:30 p.m. at Marquette University.

See the flyer for more information about the event.

Reducing Barriers and Addressing Disparities in Autism Care in Milwaukee: The ECQuIP Family Navigation Project on Thursday, February 13th, at 3:30 p.m. at Marquette University.
Troney Small, Ida Winters, and Amy Vaughan Van Hecke presented on family navigation in the Milwaukee area.

Day of Mourning 2019 at Marquette University on Friday, March 1st, at 6 p.m.
The Day of Mourning is in honor of disabled individuals murdered by their caregivers. The vigil takes place annually.

Upcoming Events

"Deej" movie screening at Marquette University on Wednesday, April 24th.