Meet the On Your Marq Staff

Each On Your Marq student is supported in a variety of ways. Graduate coaches provide OYM students with targeted support in the areas of executive functioning, academic skills, and social and professional navigation. OYM students also work with an undergraduate peer mentor to assist in the successful transition to college social life.


On Your Marq Director

Emily RaclawEmily Raclaw, MS, LPC, CRC

Emily is thrilled to be the Director at On Your Marq. With over 15 years of experience in disability in education, she brings a wealth of expertise to the program. Being neurodivergent herself, her passion for promoting disability as diversity and embracing neurodiversity is evident in her work. She has delivered presentations at numerous conferences and provided training for other institutions. 
Prior to joining Marquette, Emily made a significant impact in the field of disability education, teaching high school special education, working as a vocational rehabilitation counselor, and spearheading a college success program tailored for students with disabilities. Her proficiency in program creation, development, and management combined with her advocacy for disability rights, further exemplify her dedication to her profession.
As a Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Rehabilitation Counselor Emily ensures that On Your Marq considers the holistic well-being of every student. Beyond her professional achievements, she cherishes quality time with her family—her son, husband, and beloved dogs. An avid traveler, Emily enjoys sharing her travel tips and experiences with others.
Her dedication, expertise, and compassionate nature make her a true asset to the program, and she looks forward to making a positive impact in the lives of those she serves.


On Your Marq Coordinator

Heidi StuckeyHeidi Stuckey, MS, LPC, MBA

Heidi is excited to be the Coordinator for On Your Marq. She comes to the program with a variety of experiences and is eager to engage with the On Your Marq students and support staff.

Heidi is returning to Marquette as an employee after earning her Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Marquette in 2014. Since then, she has worked with the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation and was previously a counselor and Assistant Director at Cardinal Stritch University. Heidi is a Licensed Professional Counselor with over ten years of clinical experience which she utilizes to help guide and assist students. She is excited about On Your Marq’s wrap around approach to care and the ability to help each student get their best experience at Marquette University.

Outside of work, Heidi spends time with her husband, friends and family. She loves gardening and farmer’s markets in the summer and is always up to travel. She even went cage diving with great white sharks!

Heidi is proud to be part of the On Your Marq community and is excited to partner with students as they create their own experiences and pathways throughout college.


On Your Marq Therapy Dog 



Raven, Aussiedoodle

Raven is an Aussiedoodle from Iowa's Doodle Company. She was born February 19th 2021. Emily and Raven are a certified therapy dog team. She can be found following Emily around or getting snuggles and pets from our students. She enjoys a good game of hallway fetch, and treats! She brings so much comfort and joy to our students. 





Meet our staff for the 2022-2023 year!

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Graduate Coaches 


Christina Aichele

Christina Aichele

Program: Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Rehabilitation Track
Undergraduate Institution:Marquette University 
Undergraduate Degree: Spanish Language and Literature

Graduate Instistuion: Marquette University

Graduate Degree: Educational Policy and Leadership: College Student Personnel 

Fun Fact: She has two dogs!



Audrey Early

Program: Speech Pathology
Undergraduate Institution: Marquette University
Undergraduate Degree: Speech Pathology & Audiology
Fun Fact: She loves to read! 




Jeff Flinchem

Jeff Flinchem

Program: Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Undergraduate Institution: Augustana College
Undergraduate Degree: Psychology
Fun Fact: He plays the piano and saxophone





Lani LapitanLani Lapitan

Program: Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Undergraduate Institution: Marquette University

Undergraduate Degree: Psychology

Fun Fact: She ran a marathon last October and is training for another one this year!





Arianna MansavageArianna Mansavage

Program: Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Undergraduate Institution: Marquette University

Undergraduate Degree: Sociology

Fun Fact: She received her undergrad from Marquette University and am a 5th year on the track and field team 


Kai NguyenKai Nguyen

Program:  Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Undergraduate Institution: UW-Eau Claire
Undergraduate Degree:  Psychology 
Fun Fact:  They pick up a new hobby probably once a month! They can embroider, paint, craft collages, and make digital art. 



Rebecca Odeh

Rebecca Odeh

Program: Doctor of Dental Surgery & MBA
Undergraduate Institution:Marquette University

Undergraduate Degree: Physiological Sciences                          Fun Fact: She can speak Arabic!



Kaylee Schoen

Kaylee Schoen

Program: Doctor of Occupational Therapy
Undergraduate Institution: Marquette University

Undergraduate Degree:Biomedical Studies

Fun Fact: She love to travel and has the goal to travel to all 50 states. 




Cameron Strawn

Cameron Strawn

Program: Clinical Mental Health Counseling; Child/Adolescent Track
Undergraduate Institution: Lawrence University

Undergraduate Degree: Psychology and Government

Fun Fact: He used to play tennis for the Lawrence University tennis team!



Nouchee Thao

Robert Twidwell, MS

Program: PhD Counseling Psychology
Undergrad: University of California, Irvine
Undergrad Degree:  Psychologyy/Social Behavior and Social Ecology

Graduate Institution: Western Kentucky University

Graduate Degree: Psychological Studies

Fun Fact:  He is a musician. 



Carmen Yost

Carmen Yost

Program: Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Rehabilitation Track

Undergraduate Institution: Saint Norbert College 

Undergraduate Degree: Psychology

Fun fact: In her free time she likes taking care of her 54 plants in her apartment!



Peer Mentors


Eddie BEddie Bergman

Major: Economics 

Fun fact: He is the tallest person ever to be born on either side of his family!




Ava B

Ava Brad

Major: Biomedical Sciences

Fun fact:She loves to play Tennis.




Gavin D

Gavin Delrose

Major: Civil Engineering

Fun fact:He is a huge Chicago Cubs fan.






Matthew D

Matthew Diaz 

Major: Biomedical Sciences (Pre-Med)

Fun fact:He can play 3 instruments! 






Anne D

Anne Doepke

Major: Elementary  Education and Psychology

Fun fact:She enjoys doing different watersports like wake surfing and waterskiing during the summer!. 





Boaz EBoaz Epperson

Major: Civil Engineering 

Fun fact: He enjoys the outdoors.





Erin FErin Farley

Major: Nursing

Fun fact: She loves to crochet. 







Evelyn GEvelyn Gabriel

Major: Nursing

Fun fact: She sings just about everything. 








Annie GAnnie Gibbons

Major: Mathematics

Fun fact: She has never been out of the country. 








Alyssa K

Alyssa Koepp

Major:Psychology and Philosophy

Fun fact: She is president of the Marquette chapter of March for Our Lives.



Ashley L


Ashley Lazar

Major: Educational Studies with Psychology and Sign Language

Fun fact: She has an Australian Shepard.





Charlie M


Charlie McClintock

Major: Psychology

Fun fact: He is legally a lord of Scottish land.






Molly Mc


Molly McGee

Major: Speech Pathology

Fun fact: She loves concerts and spending time with friends and family!






Johnise Myers

Major: Speech Pathalogy and Audiology

Fun fact: Her name is a combination of her mom and dad Cherise + Johnny = Johnise




Marcella R


Marcella Rivera

Major: Psychology

Fun fact: She is in the Marquette Jazz Ensemble.




Hannah S


Hannah Sheehan 

Major: Nursing

Fun fact: She is named after Hana Lei Bay in Hawaii.





Milo S


Milo Sieger

Major: Education Studies, History

Fun fact:They are the proud owner of a lego death star! 





Planning Team

Mary Carlson

Mary Carlson, Ph.D.

Discipline: Clinical Associate Professor in Education

Fun Fact: She prides herself on having dissected a human brain. 

Wendy Krueger


Wendy Krueger, MS, CCC-SLP 

Discipline: Clinical Associate Professor in Speech-Language Pathology

Fun Fact: She was a Twist (dance) champion!


Amy Van Hecke

Amy Vaughan Van Hecke, Ph.D.

Discipline: Professor of Psychology

Fun Fact: Dr. Van Hecke was Vice President of the Croquet Team while an undergrad at Smith College.