Departmental Graduate Student Awards

Scholl Graduate Student Award - Vera Strogolova

Vera Strogolova: Scholl Research AwardSponsored by the Dr. Scholl Foundation, this award goes to a graduate student who has performed outstanding research as demonstrated by the submission/publication of a first author manuscript in a peer-reviewed journal. 

“The yeast mitochondrial proteins Rcf1 and Rcf2 support the enzymology of the cytochrome c oxidase complex and generation of the proton motive force”

Journal of Biological Chemistry, January 2019.

Hooked on life sciences as an undergraduate, I was lucky to go on to work researching livestock probiotics for a biotech company and see microbial world making a large impact on how much energy animals receive. This led to master's research at UW-Milwaukee on the role mitochondria plays in yeast response to glucose, and doctoral work at Marquette on yeast mitochondrial proteins. My doctoral work uncovered new ways in which mitochondrial energy-producing machinery can be regulated. This regulatory network is apparently conserved from bacteria to humans. I was so lucky to grow under the supervision of amazing mentors and committee members. The support of them and family made it possible to also devote my own energy to son and daughter, born during my PhD studies. After completing my doctoral work, I now research and implement microbial solutions as a co-founder and CTO of biotechnology company, Strong Microbials. One of our research projects is looking at how microbiome of the honeybee influences its resilience, and I hope to enrich our understanding of honeybee biology by including the role that mitochondria play in this response.

Oliver H. Smith Academic Achievement Award - Elliot Corless

Elliot Corless: Smith Academic Award

This award recognizes exceptional academic achievement by a graduate student in the Ph.D. program, and is based on GPA, research activity and scholarly achievements.