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Stuart receives $900,000 NSF grant 

Dr. Rosemary A. Stuart, has received a $900,000 National Science Foundation grant for cell biology research, studying the function and regulation of mitochondrial ribosomes.

The project seeks to understand the molecular mechanisms that regulate mitochondrial ribosome activity, and has important implications for cellular ATP production. Defects in the mitochondrial ribosomal function can impact an organism’s capacity for energy production and clinically has been linked to diverse neurological and muscular diseases, including cardiomyopathies.

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Origanti awarded NIH and WWHF grants

Dr. Sofia Origanti’s lab recently uncovered a new mechanism of regulation of the eukaryotic initiation factor-6 in response to starvation-induced stress. She received a research grant of $457,000 from the NIH through the NIGMS-R15 funding mechanism for this project.

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Biology seniors earn spots in McNair Scholars Program

2018 Summer Research Program on Facebook

Antony and Gamble awarded 2018 Way Klingler Young Scholar Awards