Launch: Internships in Biology and Environmental Studies

Approval of credit-bearing (BIOL/INES) internships: Given the current COVID-19 pandemic and in accordance with Marquette’s current COVID-19 guidelines, the Department of Biological Sciences and the Environmental Studies program will approve on-site (i.e. in person) internship experiences for BIOL/INES academic credit only if the internship conditions adhere to the University’s COVID safely guidelines. In making internship approval decisions, we will consider the fluidity of the COVID-19 situation, and most importantly, the health and safety of our students. Internship placements where a student would be working 100 % remotely will continue to be considered for approval for academic credit. Students should apply as usual through the Launch Internship Program website to seek approval of their internship opportunity as a BIOL/INES credit bearing internship.

Please note, the BIOL/INES internship-for-credit approval process will now require that students acknowledge their willingness to adhere to the department’s COVID internship requirements. Details of these requirements can be found in the internship approval application form.

The Launch Program is a mechanism to allow undergraduate majors in the Department of Biological Sciences to earn biology (BIOL) or environmental studies (INES) course credit for relevant internship experiences.

Internships provide real-world experience where students can apply what they learn in the classroom to future career options. Students with an approved internship can enroll in an elective course (BIOL/INES 4987: Applying the Internship Experience), a 3 credit seminar course that focuses on career preparedness, and encourages students to reflect on and communicate the skills and knowledge that they have gained during their internship experience. 



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Current and Past Launch Internships

  • Immunology Research Intern and Lab Intern at the Blood Research Institute

  • Project Manager - Patent Marketing with The Commons

  • Research Intern at the Milwaukee Public Museum

  • Intern at Milwaukee Public Health Laboratories
  • Research Intern at Strong Microbials

  • Urban Farmer at Victory Garden Initiative

  • Junior Advisor at Global Health Coalition

  • Communications Intern at the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewage District (MMSD)

  • Citizen Science and Research Intern at the Urban Ecology Center

  • Evaluating Hands-On Education at Discovery World

  • Animal Care and Training Intern at Oceans of Fun

  • Toxicology Intern at Milwaukee Crime Lab

  • Research Intern at Blood Center of WI

  • Genetic Counselor Intern at MCW PURE

For more information about the Launch Program and the requirements to earn academic credit for your internship, contact:

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Kirsten Boeh
Launch Program Assistant

Wehr Life Sciences, 109

Dr. Rosemary Stuart
Launch Internship Director

Wehr Life Sciences, 309