STEM-MBA Program

Earn an undergraduate degree in one of several science, engineering, technology or mathematics fields - and an MBA - in as little as five years

Combine the technical expertise of the science degree with the practical business knowledge of the MBA, and you have a unique skill set that will make you even more appealing in the competitive job market.

In the STEM-MBA program, students take business foundation courses as part of their undergraduate curriculum and then begin graduate-level coursework during their junior or senior year.  In the event students decide not to complete their MBA, the program is structured so they may still earn a minor in business administration. Students complete an internship or co-op as part of the program so they have real world experience to share in the MBA classes.

In order to be considered for the STEM-MBA, applicants should note their interest as soon as they enroll at Marquette. These students will work with their undergraduate advisor as well as a Graduate School of Management (GSM) advisor to ensure they are progressing toward their goal. Students formally apply to the Graduate School of Management during their senior year.

Employers are constantly looking for graduates with scientific, technical, and business skills.  The STEM-MBA program will help you to stand out in today's high-tech workforce - with only one additional year in school.

Next steps

  • We encourage establishing a plan with your advisor within your freshmen year.
  • After meeting with the advisor associated with your undergraduate college/major, reach out to to request a STEM-MBA advising meeting.
  • Apply for the MBA program during your junior year