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Departmental Support for Travel

Graduate students are eligible to apply for up to $1000 in travel funds per academic year to attend a conference where they are presenting their work.  Below is the link to a docusign form that is to be used to apply for departmental travel funds.  Note that you will need an abstract of your presentation as well as an estimated budget when you will out the form.  Use this Travel Budget Estimate excel worksheet for your estimated budget.  Graduate students are also asked to apply to the graduate school for travel funds, which can be done concurrently with this form.  However, please be aware that the graduate school has strict deadlines for travel applications so please plan ahead. 

Once you complete your travel you will need to submit the following three spreadsheets along with relevant receipts for reimbursement to


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The Graduate School website is an important resource for newly admitted and current graduate students. You'll find up-to-date forms, deadlines, and other useful information there. Because graduate programs are highly individualized, you are personally responsible for keeping abreast of existing regulations.

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