Duke University Marine Laboratory

If you have an interest in marine biology, Marquette University is a member of the Marine Sciences Education Consortium (MSEC) with the Duke University Marine Laboratory in Beaufort, North Carolina. This is a cooperative program that allows students from member colleges and universities to study marine science under the direction of faculty at one of the country’s leading marine laboratories. Juniors and seniors can enroll full-time for the fall or spring semester at the Duke Marine Lab.

The fall program includes several signature courses over an extended fall break involving travel to Panama (Tropical Marine Ecology), California (Marine Ecology of the Pacific) or France (Marine Studies in Brittany) in addition to the regular semester course offerings.

In the spring, signature courses involving travel to Trinidad (Biology and Conservation of Sea Turtles), Hawaii (Marine Conservation Biology) or Singapore (Urban Tropical Ecology) are offered in addition to the semester course offerings. New courses in the spring examine global warming and its effects on the oceans. Summer courses at the Duke Marine Lab are also conducted and summer tuition scholarships are available on a competitive basis. The classes taken at the marine lab can fulfill Biological Sciences requirements as electives or lab courses.

For further information and before applying please contact the Marquette MSEC coordinator Dr. Nate Lemoine.

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