Marquette University's Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) provides faculty, instructors, teaching assistants, and staff with opportunities to improve their instruction and develop their classroom pedagogies. All evaluations and support of educators are intended to be formative and are kept confidential within the CTL. This protection includes participation in CTL programs, consultations, and communication.

Services offered 

In addition to workshop series, faculty retreats, book clubs, and campus-wide trainings, the Center for Teaching and Learning also regularly provides the following services to all faculty and graduate student teaching assistants on campus: 

  • 1:1 confidential teaching coaching to help educators become who they want and need to be at Marquette
  • Can be a one-time coaching session to receive feedback on a specific element of a class or issue in one’s teaching or can be a 3-6 meeting session to provide a deeper dive into any teaching-related issues
  • Small group coaching and facilitating to help meet specific needs of departments, colleges, or kinds of educators
  • For example, helping with a curriculum review, working with restorative justice principles, leading sessions to infuse units with Ignatian pedagogy, facilitating discussions about effective teaching strategies within a unit
  • Curated training sessions for faculty new to Marquette, teaching assistants, participating faculty, and tenure stream faculty
  • Teaching observations to target specific elements of teaching or provide general comments to educators
  • Review of all teaching materials in any discipline (e.g., syllabus design, in-class activities, course trajectory, creation of learning goals, D2L use, etc.)

Hear it from your fellow faculty and instructors...

"I only wish I'd discovered them sooner!! They have helped connect me to resources, network with other faculty, and all around provide a listening and reassuring ear for any problems I've encountered." - Marquette faculty member

"I have always found the folks at CTL to be both knowledgeable and helpful. They are a very valuable resource for faculty. Workshops and gatherings they have hosted have also helped me improve D2L site design, assignment and assessment design, and my classroom pedagogy."

"It was wonderful to have the opportunity to bond with colleagues, hear their wisdom, and have wonderful snacks." – Instructor of Practice, College of Business

"No doubt our meetings have shaped the class into something vastly better and more engaging than it would have been." – Adjunct Instructor, Psychology Department, College of Arts & Sciences

Mission Statement

The Center for Teaching & Learning serves as a catalyst for promoting a culture of pedagogical excellence at Marquette University.

Rooted in Ignatian pedagogy and the scholarship of teaching and learning, the CTL is committed to the professional development of the campus teaching community. We work with faculty to support sound pedagogical practice while respecting individual learning differences, and help all instructors create a learning environment where all teachers and learners can succeed and flourish.