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2023 Syllabus & Faculty Welcome

Recorded 8.22.2023


2022 Faculty Retreat / 2022 Faculty Symposium

Rhiannon Giddens, April 23, 2021

MU Faculty Reflection with Fr. Greg Boyle

JANUARY 14, 2021

Radical Compassion and Kinship: The Vocation of the Educator in Time of Crisis
jan 14 faculty reflection image

Question & Answer session
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How I take advantage of D2L (videos)

Dr. Amber Young-Brice, College of Nursing

Dr. Brook Mayer, Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering

Student Perspective:

Twinkle Dutta, College of Health Sciences


Hannah Thiry, College of Business Administration

Blake Hartman, College of Business Administration

2020 Faculty Symposium

On January 7, the Center for Teaching & Learning welcomed Marquette faculty to the 2020 Faculty Symposium. The topic was: Building an Inclusive Classroom: Transparent Design and Assessment. The CTL welcomed Dr. Stacy Grooters, Interim Director of Boston College’s CTL, biology professor Dr. Kasey Christopher from Georgetown, and sociology professor Dr. Monica Edwards from Harper College. This was the continuation of the Transparent Design theme on which the CTL has been focused throughout this the 2019-2020 academic year. Here are the documents from that day.

Marquette Grading for Learning & Inclusion Spring 2020, presented by Stacy Grooters

Grading for Learning & Inclusion Handout, provided by Stacy Grooters

Marquette Jan 7 2020, presented by Monica Edwards