Anti-racist teaching toolkit

During the Summer of 2020, amidst a global pandemic, a much-needed spotlight shone on issues of race, racial inequity, economic and health disparity, police brutality and other issues impacting American citizens continuing to live on the margins.

Protests were held and voices were uplifted. But one question was consistently asked: “What can I do? I hear the urgent plead against discrimination. But what can I do?”

The CTL presents a Marquette faculty video series series on the ways in which Marquette faculty are responding to this call in their own domain.

Episode 1: Service Learning in Culture & Health

Episode 2: A Catholic Perspective

Episode 3: Incarcerated students & the Educational Preparedness Program

Episode 4: Re-evaluating the curriculum in the College of Comm

Episode 5: Being a co-conspirator

Episode 6: Oral histories & ethnographies

Episode 7: Undergraduate Community Engagement Research