Recorded Training Sessions - General

This page contains recorded training sessions on general teaching and learning topics.  See also our page on D2L and tech-related training sessions.

How to empower students through written comments

Recorded 2/4/2024
Presented by Leah Flack and Melissa Shew

Three models for gathering student feedback mid-semester

Recorded 10/9/2023
Presented by Dr. Melissa Shew

CTL / Nursing, An Inclusive Classroom

Recorded August 25, 2023


With Dr. Saundra McGuire

Presentation slides

Videos for student viewing on Metacognition and Improving Your Grades:

Metacognition: The Key to Acing Chemistry by Dr. McGuire

Metacognition: The Key to Acing Courses (and Life!) Dr. Saundra Y. McGuire

If your students are seeking tutoring or study support please lead them here:

Office of Student Educational Services

Faculty info sheet

Attendance as Belonging

Recorded January 27, 2023
Presented by Jen Maney & Melissa Shew

Syllabi for Student Success

Recorded August 23, 2022
Presented by Jen Maney & Melissa Shew

Getting Started: Reimagining your course

Recorded June 15, 2020
Additional Materials:  Getting Started Presentation Slides

Grading and Feedback: Maximizing your time while being effective

Recorded July 9, 2020
Additional Materials:  Grading and Feedback Presentation Slides

Engaging and Empowering Students

Recorded July 8, 2020
Additional Materials:  Engaging and Empowering Students Presentation Slides

Engaging with Academic Librarians

Recorded July 7, 2020
Additional Materials:  Engaging with Academic Librarians Presentation Slides


Recorded June 25, 2020

Being Ignatian Online and Protection Equity

Recorded June 16, 2020
Additional Materials:  Being Ignatian Online and Protection Equity Presentation Slides

Rethinking Learning Activities & Assessments

Recorded June 17, 2020
Additional Materials:  Rethinking Learning Activities & Assessment  Presentation Slides

Selecting and Creating Instructional Materials: 
Copyright and Accessibility

Recorded June 22, 2020

Online Learning in the Clinical Environment (labs, simulations)

Recorded July 30, 2020

What Students Want to Know

Recorded September 24, 2020


Active and Engaging Student Group Discussions

  1. Introduction: Perspectives on Active and Engaging Group Discussions

  2. In-person Group Discussions: Managing Socially Distanced and Teams Components in a Classroom

  3. Asynchronous Group Discussions

  4. Virtual Synchronous Group Discussions: Engaging the Channels and Chat Functions

  5. Concluding Remarks on Active and Engaging Group Discussions

Recorded October 5, 2020
Additional Materials:  Active and Engaging Student Group Discussions