Group Discussion Topic

Create a Group

Use Groups to design work areas for students to discuss, share and submit work as a group.  Before a group assignment type is selected under the Submission & Completion section of the Dropbox folder (new experience) or Properties Tab of old dropbox experience, create a group under Communication > Groups > New Category. Provide this link to students on how to navigate Groups in D2L.

  1. Enter a Category Name for the group.
  2. Enter a description (optional).
  3. Select Enrollment Type which is defined on how students are enrolled and how many groups are created. Enter number of students to a group. 
    Note: Number of Users and Advanced Properties options are available upon Enrollment Type selection.  The auto-enroll and randomize user options are available under Advanced Properties.
  4. By default, no restrictions option is selected for Restrict Enrollments To menu (optional). This allows for subgroups based on section or group enrollment. 
  5. Create a discussion, locker or dropbox folder or create it under that specific tool and associate it to your newly created group by selecting the Group Category menu.
  6. Click Save.

Group or Section Topic in Discussions

  1. Select Discussions from the drop-down menu of Communication on the main navigation bar. By default, the Discussion List page will open.
  2. Select Edit Topic from topic title drop-down menu.
  3. Expand Availability Dates and Conditions and click Manage Restrictions link.
  4. Select Restrict topic and separate the threads radio button [1].
  5. Choose the group from the Group Category or Section drop-down menu [2].
  6. Select the Add button [3].