Entering Marquette

As a student with a disability applying to Marquette University, you may be wondering:

  • When applying to Marquette, should I identify my disability?

Students with disabilities who want to apply to Marquette must meet the same admissions criteria as all students seeking to enter the university. Should you identify yourself as a student with a disability on the Admissions application, it is unlawful for the university to deny you admission based upon disability factors alone. Any information you choose to provide to Admissions about your disability will be forwarded to the Office of Disability Services (ODS), the area of the university that serves students with disabilities. See more information on Marquette University's admissions process.

  • Are there any special programs or resources for students with specific disabilities (e.g., LD, Deaf/Hard of Hearing, ADD)?

The Office of Disability Services (ODS) assists students with disabilities in obtaining assistance (accommodations) that give them equal access to Marquette's programs and services. ODS does not provide diagnostic treatment or learning support services for students based on specific disabilities. However, the following non-accommodation support is available through ODS or elsewhere in the University: