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On Your Marq seeks to support neurodivergent students throughout their time at Marquette University using an interdisciplinary approach to foster the development of the whole student, and the inclusivity of Marquette University at large.  

Our mission, therefore, echoes Marquette University’s mission in the discovery and sharing of knowledge, the fostering of personal and professional excellence, and the development of leadership expressed in service to others. All of this culminates with the goal of gainful and meaningful employment in the students’ desired field.  


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Who We Serve

Students admitted to Marquette University with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder, Pervasive Development Disorder(PDD), or Social Pragmatic Communication Disorder, ADHD, and all other forms of neurodivergence

What We Do

On Your Marq (OYM) is a college success program designed to assist  neurodivergent students in navigating the college landscape at Marquette University. Utilizing an interdisciplinary approach, we work together to build the support team students need to thrive at Marquette. Everyone on the student's team receives training on the best practices for working with neurodivergent students. Formal and informal supports available to aid students in the development of academic, social, and independent living skills include: 

  • weekly seminars 
  • one-on-one coaching 
  • peer mentors 
  • mental health support
  • OYM specific tutoring 

The first two years of the program focus on the student’s transition to the rigors of academia. In the second two years of the program, On Your Marq works with students to identify strengths and skills to transfer to their career and life after college.   

Areas of Support

  • Academic: Time management, study skills, academic and career planning, organization, interviewing skills 
  • Social: Communication skills, relationship development, social events 
  • Independent living: Self-care, dorm life, self-advocacy, stress reduction 
  • Mental Health Support: Students may utilize in program counselors in training, supervised by the director who is fully licensed. 

Program Cost

The cost of this program is $3,000 per semester, which assists in offsetting the costs of individualized support, materials for the weekly seminar, and specialized training of faculty and staff. If the program fee is a limiting factor in the participation of On Your Marq, please reach out to us to discuss funding options.   

What We Look For

Having the qualities/skills listed below are strong indicators for success in our program. Please take these into consideration as you participate in the application process.  

  • Academically prepared for the rigor of Marquette University 
  • Able to set and wake up to alarms independently 
  • Able to manage taking and refilling medication independently 
  • Able to adapt to expected schedule changes  
  • Able to apply self-regulation strategies in a variety of settings 
  • Able to accept and apply feedback with support 
  • Able to maintain personal hygiene routine independently 
  • Able to receive and respond to communication (electronic and in person) from Faculty and Staff in a timely manner.  
  • Commit to follow the On Your Marq program agreement 


Student Testimonials 

“OYM has helped me get comfortable with this new atmosphere of college when I first started and helped me break out of my comfort zone and talking to people. It helped me reach out and be free to make friends here because I know that’s an important part of the whole college atmosphere is branching out. I also thought it helped me a lot with my academics and planning. It definitely helped me out in instances when Emily helped me decide on what classes I needed to take to graduate on time – that was super helpful. OYM has been great for me and a lot of help throughout college. Not just academically but socially. It has helped me out a lot.” 


“It has helped me academically, solving personal problems, and working through other issues that arose throughout the semester"  


"On Your Marq has given me the opportunity to be my true self and has assured me that I can accomplish anything. The individuals in this program are like a second family to me which they express in their words and actions everyday, They don't treat me as someone with autism who is different and impaired but rather as a friend and human. The help I have received has easily made the college transition a breeze while simultaneously making me feel successful and independent. I would recommend this program to anyone on the spectrum and those who want an opportunity to feel welcome and supported."


"OYM is a welcoming and krazy place for anyone who is neurodivergent or not, all are welcome!"

Family Testimonials 

"This program has been incredibly impactful for my student and our family. Emily and team are amazing!! Thank you Marquette for supporting such important work. And thank you Emily for your continued support and dedication to your students’ success both inside and outside the classroom!"


"OYM makes Marquette possible for our son. Thank you Marquette for supporting autistic students!"


"This program is the reason my son was able to go away to college!! Thank you for offering such an incredible opportunity!!"



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