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Instructors’ Role in the Accommodations Process

Marquette's Office of Disability Services is in place to officially guide the accommodations process for students with disabilities who are requesting those types of modifications. All faculty, staff and campus partners are responsible for ensuring that our programs, spaces and materials are accessible. Instructors have a vital role to play in ensuring that approved accommodations are implemented in their courses, and should feel welcome and encouraged to engage with ODS to develop a greater understanding of our institutional obligations to provide access to students, staff and visitors, as well as to explore their part in that process. 

As part of Marquette’s accommodations process, most students will provide instructors with Accommodation Letters in-person for campus based courses, and digitally when engaged in distance learning experiences. Instructors should read the student’s accommodation letter, and consider how the outlined accommodations can be implemented effectively in their course. If an instructor has a concern that an accommodation is inappropriate for their course, they should reach out to the Office of Disability Services to explore that concern, and to identify alternative accommodations if appropriate. Though an accommodation letter communicates what has to be done for a student, we encourage instructors discuss individual learning styles with all students to determine whether or not these can be met through small adjustments beyond the accommodations process.

If you have further questions, contact the Office of Disability Services, by email ( or by phone at (414) 288-1645 for more information.