On Your Marq Talent

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Student ID Expected Graduation Date Major Career Interests Part Time Employment Full Time Employment Internships Professional Mentoring Mock Interviews Informational Interviews Job Shadowing Resume Reviews
DB Spring 2023 Chemistry Chemistry lab work, computers, data and computational analysis   X     X X    
MF Spring 2023 Computer Science & Math  Software Development, A Role in Game Development   X X X X   X X
MC Fall 2023 Economics & Political Science Finance or intersection of finance & politics   X X X     X  
BB Spring 2023 Computer Science, Mathematics Research             X  
BG Spring 2024 Biological Sciences  Career that deal with ecology and helping the environment. X   X          
AD Fall 2024 Elementary Education / Psychology Working with children/adolescents, exploring different counseling sites X   X X X X X X
BJ Spring 2024 Secondary English Education major, music minor High school English teacher/ theater director/ choir director X X X       X X
AM Spring 2024 Creative writing  Writing X           X  
JL Spring 2024 Communication Studies Communications, Advertising, PR, Social Media      X X     X X
LW Spring 2024 Mathematic and Philosophy Theoretical Computer Science / Mathematics     X X X X X X
MS Fall 2024 Education Studies Education X X X     X    
CB Fall  2024 Economics Financial Analyst     X   X   X X
DK Spring 2025 Biological Sciences Research and Development X   X   X   X  
RB Spring 2025 Biochemistry Medical Research/Manufacturing X   X   X   X  

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