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Employment Opportunities

 Institute of Reading Development, Summer Teachers

Teach Reading Classes to Students of All Ages

Now Accepting Applications for Summer 2019

The Institute of Reading Development offers summer reading skills programs in partnership with the continuing education departments of more than 100 colleges and universities nationwide. Each year we hire hard-working, encouraging people with a passion for reading to teach our summer programs.

As an Institute teacher you will:

  • Earn more than $6,000 in one summer. Our full-time teachers typically earn $500-$700 per week.
  • Improve your teaching skills and confidence during our comprehensive, paid training program.
  • Gain over 400 hours of classroom teaching experience with a variety of age groups from 4-year-olds to adults.
  • Help your students become successful readers with a love of great books.

We are seeking applicants from any academic discipline. All applicants must have an undergraduate degree or higher in their field before the start of our teaching season.

Successful Institute teachers:

  • Have strong reading skills and read for pleasure
  • Are responsible and hard-working, with good communication and organizational skills
  • Will be patient and supportive with students

Sound like you? Learn more about teaching for us and apply today: Summer Teaching Jobs

 AVID Tutors, Whitefish Bay High School

AVID is a national framework that includes both school-wide strategies and elective class that students must apply to that is focused on post-secondary readiness.  In the elective students spend 2 days/week, participating in tutorials (essentially Socratic seminars) in which the students help each other through a pre-determined "point of confusion" by asking questions.  These small groups are facilitated by "tutors" who are trained for roughly 4-5 hours in something called "Tutorology." 

This is compensated at $11/hour, and it is often a great opportunity for education students, retired teachers, etc. Possible Tutors must apply on WECAN (it's a support position). No content knowledge is needed. 

Amy Levek, Principal
Whitefish Bay High School

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Volunteer Opportunities

Social Skills Assistant, St. Francis Children's Center