Educational Leadership Program for Aspiring Catholic School Leaders

In keeping with Marquette University's mission to prepare women and men for and with others, the Educational Leadership program, working in partnership with leaders in Catholic education within the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, prepares aspiring Catholic school leaders to animate Catholic culture in their schools and help transform communities through the values of Catholic education.

In addition to the preparation that all future school leaders receive in the Educational Leadership (EDLD) program that leads to licensure for principals and/or directors of instruction, aspiring Catholic school leaders experience specific learning opportunities that prepare them to understand and demonstrate strength in the Defining Characteristics of Effective Catholic Schools.

Aspiring Catholic school leaders enroll in three 1-credit seminars that are co-facilitated by experienced, highly effective practicing Catholic school leaders. The focus of each year's seminar includes:

  • Mission, Catholic Identity and Faith Formation
  • Operational Vitality of Catholic Schools
  • National Standards and Benchmarks for Effective Catholic Schools and the roles religious communities and leaders played in shaping Catholic education

Catholic school educators accepted into Marquette University's Educational Leadership program receive an approximately two-thirds tuition reduction as part of the Catholic Schools Personnel Scholarship and the Milwaukee Area Teachers Scholarship.

For more information about the Catholic School Leaders Development Program, email Dr. Sara Burmeister at