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Faculty & Staff Directory

Dean's Office

Dr. Alan  Burkard Dr. Alan Burkard Professor and Interim Dean (414) 288-3434
Carol  Stachewicz Carol Stachewicz Executive Assistant to the Dean (414) 288-7376

Full-time Faculty - Counselor Education and Counseling Psychology

Dr. Lisa  Edwards Dr. Lisa Edwards Professor and Chair, Director of Counselor Education (414) 288-1433
Dr. Karisse  Callender Dr. Karisse Callender Assistant Professor (414) 288-6083
Dr. Jennifer  Cook Dr. Jennifer Cook Assistant Professor and Clinical Mental Health Practicum and Internship Coordinator (414) 288-1430
Dr. Weneaka  Jones Dr. Weneaka Jones Clinical Assistant Professor (414) 288-2120
Dr. Lynne  Knobloch-Fedders Dr. Lynne Knobloch-Fedders Assistant Professor (414) 288-5708
Dr. Sarah  Knox Dr. Sarah Knox Professor and Co-Editor of Counselling Psychology Quarterly (414) 288-5942
Dr. Alexandra  Kriofske Mainella Dr. Alexandra Kriofske Mainella Clinical Assistant Professor (414)288-7780
Dr. Timothy  Melchert Dr. Timothy Melchert Professor (414) 288-7379
Dr. Lee Za  Ong Dr. Lee Za Ong Assistant Professor (414) 288-1550
Dr. Terry  Young Dr. Terry Young Adjunct Associate Professor (414) 288-5790

Emeriti Faculty - CECP

Dr. Margaret  Fong Bloom Dr. Margaret Fong Bloom Professor Emerita
Dr. Robert  Fox Dr. Robert Fox Professor Emeritus and Consulting Psychologist for the Behavior Clinic

Full-time Faculty - Educational Policy and Leadership

Dr. Leigh  van den Kieboom Dr. Leigh van den Kieboom Associate Professor and Department Chair (414) 288-1429
Dr. Jill  Birren Dr. Jill Birren Associate Professor (414) 288-3892
Dr. Terry  Burant Dr. Terry Burant Associate Clinical Professor and Director of Teacher Education (414) 288-1432
Dr. Sara  Burmeister Dr. Sara Burmeister Clinical Assistant Professor (414) 288-7292
Dr. derria  byrd Dr. derria byrd Assistant Professor (414) 288-3674
Dr. Mary  Carlson Dr. Mary Carlson Clinical Associate Professor (414) 288-4548
Dr. Sharon  Chubbuck Dr. Sharon Chubbuck Associate Professor and EDPL Doctoral Program Director (414) 288-5895
Dr. Kathleen  Clark Dr. Kathleen Clark Associate Professor and Director of the Hartman Literacy and Learning Center (414) 288-5647
Dr. Cynthia  Ellwood Dr. Cynthia Ellwood Clinical Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies (414) 288-6749
Dr. Karen  Evans Dr. Karen Evans Clinical Associate Professor and Director of Assessment (414) 288-7233
Dr. Melissa  Gibson Dr. Melissa Gibson Assistant Professor (414) 288-1421
Dr. Jody  Jessup-Anger Dr. Jody Jessup-Anger Associate Professor, Coordinator of Student Affairs in Higher Education Program (414) 288-7403
Rev. Jeffrey  LaBelle, S.J., Ed.D. Rev. Jeffrey LaBelle, S.J., Ed.D. Associate Professor and Associate Dean (414) 288-7380
Rev. Andrew  Thon, S.J., Ph.D. Rev. Andrew Thon, S.J., Ph.D. Clinical Associate Professor (414) 288-8267
Dr. Gabriel  Velez Dr. Gabriel Velez Assistant Professor
Dr. Julissa  Ventura Dr. Julissa Ventura Assistant Professor
Dr. Doris  Walker-Dalhouse Dr. Doris Walker-Dalhouse Professor (414) 288-4555

Emeriti Faculty - EDPL

Dr. William  Henk Dr. William Henk Dean Emeritus and Professor,
Dr. Ellen  Eckman Dr. Ellen Eckman Associate Professor Emerita
Dr. Howard  Fuller Dr. Howard Fuller Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Education
Dr. Lauren  Leslie Dr. Lauren Leslie Professor Emerita
Dr. Robert  Lowe Dr. Robert Lowe Professor Emeritus
Dr. William  Pink Dr. William Pink Professor Emeritus (847) 864-2364

Professional Administrators and Staff

Coreen  Bukowski Coreen Bukowski Academic Coordinator, Counselor Education and Counseling Psychology (414) 288-5730
Melissa  Econom, M.Ed. Melissa Econom, M.Ed. Academic Coordinator, Educational Policy and Leadership (414) 288-4613
Kirsten  Lathrop, M.A. Kirsten Lathrop, M.A. Director of Field Placements and Licensure (414) 288-5890
Tina  McNamara, M.A. Tina McNamara, M.A. Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Advising and Student Services (414) 288-6981
Courtney  McNeal, M.S. Courtney McNeal, M.S. Program Coordinator of the Hartman Literacy and Learning Center (414) 288-7235