MU-MPS Leadership Cohort

Marquette University's College of Education and Milwaukee Public Schools have partnered to prepare a cohort of up to ten candidates in the educational leadership graduate program with administrative certification. Candidates may choose to pursue a principal or a director of instruction certification 

To be considered, prospective students should:

  • Be accepted into the program and then further vetted by MPS for inclusion in this partnership cohort. 
  • Be a teacher in MPS (the teacher payroll category includes classroom teachers, guidance counselors, teacher mentors, school support teachers, and other teacher leaders). Candidates may continue in the program if they move into an administrative position during the course of the program; however, they would no longer qualify for the MATS scholarship at that point. (MPS support would continue.) 
  • Complete the program in accord with EDPL/MU standards and requirements. 
  • Apply for licensure within one month of completion. 
  • Remain in MPS for three years after completion. 

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The Milwaukee Public Schools contribution:

  • Provide $3000 of tuition support per year. MPS will set aside funds in their tuition reimbursement account for this cohort in place of a first-come, first-served competition. 
  • Offer candidates two options for the remaining costs of the program after subtracting the MATS 50% discount (or the equivalent amount if students are not eligible) plus the tuition remission. Choose the option that works best for you:
    • MPS deducts this portion over 20 15-day payroll periods annually as you proceed through the program (selected by most candidates), or
    • MPS fronts this portion and deducts it from each candidate’s payroll over 20 15-day payroll periods once they complete/leave the program. 
  • Place candidates in an administrative role upon successful completion as assignments become available. 

Marquette University contribution:

  • Provide a strong graduate education in the Educational Leadership Program, offering a focus on social justice, community, and the integration of rigorous practical and intellectual preparation. 
  • Provide mentoring to candidates through a group networking and support model for two years after successful completion. 

* Marquette may opt at a later date to replace the MATS with a discount built in to the tuition rate. This will have the same effect for the student and the university as the tuition structure in place when students began the program; MATS-eligible students would receive 50% off what would have been the undiscounted tuition (not an additional 50% off the discounted tuition).


Interested in taking the next step in your educational journey?

To learn more, contact:

Tina McNamara
Educational Policy and Leadership
College of Education