2020-21 Academic Experience Surveys


The 2020-21 Academic Experience Surveys are a set of surveys administered across the academic year to students and instructors to better understand their experiences teaching and learning during the 2020-21 academic year. The goal of these surveys is to gather information about and quickly react to improve the academic experience throughout each term. These surveys ask about access to technology and resources, challenges with instruction and instructional tools, experiences with various instruction modes, concerns covering a range of topics, perceptions of health and safety, belonging and climate, and (for students) experiences with course instructors. The surveys are not course specific; each individual receives one survey.

Spring 2021 Results (Restricted to Campus/VPN)

Student Survey 1 (February 11 - 17)

Instructor Survey 1 (April 22 - 30)

Fall 2020 Results (Restricted to Campus/VPN)

Student Survey 1 (September 1 - 7)

Instructor Survey 1 (September 14 - 17)

Student Survey 2 (September 28 - October 1)

Student Survey 3 (October 19 - October 23)

Instructor Survey 2 (December 10 - 17)

Fall 2020 Final Report

Survey Schedule

  • September 1 - 7 (Students)
  • September 14 - 17 (Instructors)
  • September 28 - October 1 (Students)
  • October 19 - 23 (Students)
  • November 16 - 19 (Students) (cancelled due to concerns about student survey and email fatigue near the end of the semester)
  • December 10 - 15 (Instructors)
  • February 11 - 17 (Students)
  • April 22 - 27 (Instructors)

How will results be used?

Within a week of each survey’s closing date, results will be reviewed by a small team of faculty, staff and students, and recommendations from this group will be communicated to the COVID-19 Academic Planning Group, the Deans’ Council and the Provost’s Cabinet for action and implementation.

For examples of how results from past surveys have been used, see the summary of significant outcomes from the Spring 2020 Remote Instruction Survey; results from this and other surveys can be found here.

Access to results

Key take-aways from each survey will be published to the campus community on this webpage and communicated via an email to respondents and a post in Marquette Today.


If you have any questions about this survey or how results will be used, please contact the Office of Institutional Research and Analysis at oira@marquette.edu