Online Survey Review Group

Marquette University has a policy for conducting online surveys that helps minimize the occurrence of survey fatigue, improve the integrity of Marquette data and communication, reduce oversampling Marquette students, employees and alumni and increase survey response rates. The Online Survey Review Group at Marquette reviews and schedules online surveys conducted with Marquette students, employees, or alumni in accordance with the UPP-1-22: Online Survey Policy.

Exceptions to the Policy

Surveys with 100 or more total Marquette students, employees, or alumni as participants must be approved in advance, unless they meet one of the following exceptions:

  • Surveys/evaluations sent only to persons who have used a given service or office or attended a specific program/event AND for which the author already has the email contact AND for which no invitations are sent to non-users or non-participants
  • Institutional elections (e.g. MUSG, University Academic Senate)
  • Academic research conducted by faculty or students and online surveys conducted by students as part of an official course assignment are subject to the policy ONLY if the projects involve soliciting 100 or more Marquette students, employees, or alumni as participants

Important!  Before submitting an online survey request, you will need the following:

  1. Final version of the online survey instrument to be used
  2. All e-mail invitations and reminders to be used
  3. For surveys that require Institutional Review Board approval: documentation from the Marquette IRB indicating either that the project has been approved or has been submitted to the IRB and is undergoing review.

Once you have the materials listed above, click below to submit an online survey request. Email the chair of the Online Survey Review Group with any questions.

Submit an Online Survey Request


Additional Resources

Online Survey Review Group Roster

The Online Survey Review Group is responsible for prioritizing, scheduling, and approving online surveys. The group reports to the Provost and includes the following individuals: 

  Alex Frain, Associate Registrar, Compliance           (Chair of the Online Survey Review Group)

  Office of the Registrar

   Laura MacBride, Associate Director 

  Office of Institutional Research and Analysis

Dr. Lynne Knobloch-Fedders, Assistant Professor, Counselor Education and Counseling Psychology

Faculty representative (recommended by Committee on Research)

Lynn Mellantine, Assistant Vice President

 Human Resources

Jennifer Russell, Senior /Director of Marketing Projects

Office of Marketing and Communication

Dr. John Su, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs

Office of the Provost

Israel Mitchell, Data & Systems Specialist

Office of Institutional Research and Analysis

Dr.Jen Reid, Interim Assistant Vice President

Student Affairs

Sarah Burkhart, Engagement Director

University Advancement

 For additional information or assistance, email the chair of the Online Survey Review Group.