NOTE: The Marquette University Medical Clinic is urging instructors to use D2L for tests and quizzes to cut down the amount of papers touched and passed from person to person.

Because of COVID-19 restrictions, IT Services is following the advice of our medical professionals when processing exams. Exams will now be required to sit and decontaminate for 48 hours before they will be processed.

Example schedule below:

  • Exams dropped off Monday will be processed by the end of the day Thursday.
  • Exams dropped off Tuesday will be processed by the end of the day Friday.
  • Exams dropped of Wednesday to Friday will be processed by the end of the day Monday.

IT Services offers test scanning for instructors to score multiple choice exams and quizzes using IT Services-supplied answer sheets.

How to Request Test Scanning and Scoring


The Test Scoring, Analysis and Recording system involves a simple process each time instructors wish to give a test.

  1. At least two business days before the exam, fill out Form 1 and return to the IT Services Help Desk in Cudahy Hall, 293 or email the form to This form generates the set of answer sheets for administering the exam.
  2. Give the exam. The new system requires students to identify the answer key used by filling the correct bubble. Even if there is only one answer key for the exam, students must fill in the "1" bubble for the answer key.
  3. Return the answers sheets, key(s), and Form 2 to the IT Services Help Desk in Cudahy Hall, 293. As part of the form 2 process a web-based SharePoint site for the scan results will be created. The primary instructor will receive an e-mail with a link to a SharePoint site. The link and site are not recreated for each exam, only once a semester. If you do not login to your computer with your Marqnet username and password when your computer starts up, you will need to enter marqnet\username when logging into SharePoint.
  4. Scanning results are posted to the SharePoint site. You will have immediate access to the reports via the SharePoint site for review and printing if desired.
  5. Scanned answer sheets are returned to the primary instructor at the IT Services Help Desk in Cudahy Hall, 293 or via campus mail.

For detailed instructions on the above process, go to How To Scan and Score Tests.

Download Forms

Form 1: Printed Exam Sheets Request Form

Form 2: Scan and Score Exam Requests


See the Frequently Asked Questions.

For additional questions about scanning and scoring tests, please contact the IT Services Help Desk at 414-288-7799 or e-mail


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