Marquette University offers a variety of ways for musically talented students to continue to practice and perform while in college. The vocal and instrumental performance groups are listed in the Timetable of Classes as zero-credit courses. This means that if you participate in one of these groups, your participation will be listed on your academic transcript if you register for it and you may be able to waive your Fine Arts requirement, depending on the college of your enrollment.

Family Weekend Concert October 11, 2020 at 2 pm!

Please go to the "Upcoming Performances" page linked on the right to find the livestream of the concert!


The various ensembles are also available for enrollment for one credit per semester as a part of the new music minor program. Check out our instrumental groups webpage to see which group is right for you. Further information about the music minor can be found on our music minor webpage.

Involvement for Non-Musicians

If you're a student who has an interest in music, consider taking a music appreciation course or our Carillon Discovery Course. You do not need to play an instrument to get involved with music at Marquette!

Upcoming Concerts

Visit our performances webpage to see our upcoming concert dates and attend one of our performances.

COVID mitigation strategies for Fall 2020

  • Rehearsals will be in chamber music groups of not more than 8 people plus director to de-densify rehearsals, held in Johnston Hall 026 on Mondays and Wednesdays and the Varsity Theatre on Fridays. You will receive a rehearsal schedule each week in the Sunday email.
  • Bell covers, flute shields and Win-d-Fenders to be used by all wind players. The band program is supplying the bell covers.
  • Percussionists are to use their own sticks as much as possible.
  • Wipe down any shared items (Music stands, large mallets, etc.) PRIOR to use with wipes that we will provide.
  • Maintain social distancing in rehearsals.
  • Wear a mask (with a slit cut into it if a wind player) for rehearsals. If you are a wind player, practice putting your mouthpiece into your mouth with the mask on!
  • Puppy Pads for spit valves, provided by the band program. Get one as you enter each rehearsal, dispose of it as you leave.
  • For Johnston 026, we will have one door dedicated for entry, and one for exit to control traffic flow.
  • Carry your instrument with you and keep it at your residence hall/apartment. Large instruments (Tuba, Bari Sax, Euphonium, Cello, String Bass) will be able to be stored in Johnston 026.