The Marquette University Symphony Orchestra provides members with an opportunity to develop and share musical talents through participation in a large-group setting.


Membership is open to any full-time undergraduate student who plays violin, viola, cello, or string bass. Symphony Orchestra is registered as MUSIC 1300 in the university’s undergraduate course bulletin.


Students may choose to enroll in Symphony Orchestra for credit, and in this case, credit earned in Symphony Orchestra (MUSIC 1300) counts towards the music minor offered through the Diederich College of Communication. Associate membership is available to any part-time undergraduate student, graduate/professional student, faculty member at Marquette University or Marquette alumni at the discretion of the director, Dr. Erik Janners.


Auditions are conducted for seating purposes only. All levels of musical ability are welcomed and encouraged. Literature is selected from all periods of music history. If you have any questions about orchestra, please e-mail erik.janners@marquette.edu.

Rehearsals and Performances

Rehearsals are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:30 – 4:50 p.m. Orchestra is a performance-based course and grading is based upon participation in rehearsals. Dress rehearsals and performances are mandatory. Some university-owned orchestral instruments are available for member use.

The Marquette University Symphony Orchestra performs concerts in October, February and April, and participates in other events throughout the year.


Dr. Erik Janners is the conductor for the Marquette University Symphony Orchestra. For more information about Dr. Janners, please see his faculty biography.


Marquette Orchestra Fall 2023

Violin I                        

Max Almazan 

Melissa Castro

Annabel Gabriel

Matt Waters*               

Veronica Lasak

Catherine Lehmkuhl    

Jackie Moreno             

Sophie Panahon           

Tim Schmit     

Fr. Michael Zeps         

Natalie Zintchenko



Violin II                                  

Christian Balanon

Sophia Bryant

Faith Hall

Grace Kay

Franciszek Kedzior      

Matthew Liesen

Katlyn McVey*

Liz Otten

Nicole Schilder            

Claire Stroger  

Valerie Tuzhilkov        



Riley Bare

Owen Fingerhut                        

Ajay Katwala  

Gabe Smith*   



Paige Baffes*              

Dylan Cardoza            

Katrina La Madrid

John Riordan               



String Bass

Allan Fox*